France, popular revolt (Yellow Vests) What's going on?


Yes I know, and many on that list have repaid money to the taxpayers. Or at least they engaged with the taxpayers and generally attempted to make efforts to recover the losses.

The where do we draw the line? If we continue to be led blindly by the where is my nama brigade, (who have set the agenda barely without challenge btw - so much for being outsiders right) two wrongs make a right. Then it’s three wrongs, four wrongs etc.

The credit explosion of the 2000s should never have happened. The banks should have been nationalised and wound down more aggressively, and many bank directors should have been locked up for a long stretch.

Writing off failed business loans while allowing people to keep the assets just prolonges the clusterfuck and increases the cost of living for the working person. You know the issue that is supposed to be at the heart of gillet jaune.


Even the garda joined in :slight_smile:


Seems to be a bit of a black out on it or the French Acte VII, for the RTE website


I assume it’s still ongoing France.


I would imagine that most of the general public have decided they’ve done their bit, now it’s just the hard core “familier faces” involved.


France seems to have developed a tradition of burning out hundreds of cars in its cities on new year’s eve.
I wonder if the heavy police presence on the streets at the moment will prevent it from happening this year?


A Twitter based french press agency acc with latest videos -

#188 … istance-us


Starts off with “media oligoploy” and you kind of know where it’s going. By then end of the first paragraph the mention of ‘presstitutes’ signals that’s it’s just not worth reading any further.


Good the French government are cracking down hard on the yellow shirts.



Im not sure it can be disregarded simply because the author has an obvious anti-MSM bias.

The establishment media is now beginning to inhabit the same space as bankers in the minds of many with any semblance of ‘balance’ on its part having long since been abandoned. Although I would agree that using such terms obviously allows some to focus on their usage as a means to distract from the article’s broader content :slight_smile:

I think the point about the absence of any form of class consciousness on the part of the political left in the US is a good one. Adherence to the polarisation of race/ethnicity obsessed Identity politics in that country (and the Anglo world generally) ensures that the creation of such a popular movement is pretty much impossible there currently. As the article notes, the Occupy Movement was pobably the closest that the US came to such a movement over the past number of decades…and funnily enough, that was right before the explosion in divise identity-based division right across the mainstream and social media.

As I said an interesting observation with lessons for Ireland.


I don’t see this going down well



Has the crackdown on the illegal protests started yet ?


In an age of a widening gap between rich and poor I`d love to hear the argument as to why people should just put up with it and not kick up a stink


French police should be allowed to use LIVE bullets and ‘shoot-to-kill’ tactics on Yellow Vest protesters, the country’s former education minister says

€114,000 raised for boxer who punched police at gilets jaunes protest


its almost like a media blackout with the coverage … 2371013633

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**Latest rumour-mill reportage is that the Yellow Vest next move is to stage a Bank run this Saturday across France. **

Initially there were reports of a plan for today to protest outside a Rothschild Bank. No idea if that has occurred.

Do Banks typically open in France on a Saturday?

Yea and what a headache the rest of the logistics: Are there enough mattresses to go round? Do we have enough beans and wine to last us, shotguns to defend our wine. The shear optics alone of lines of yellow vest standing peacefully, patiently in long queues outside Bank branches across France, assuming it might get some media coverage, could cause a cascade of concern beyond France and I assume that is the leverage of such an action as it would really come back to hurt Macron on many levels. We shall see if anything comes of the rumours.

December last year, did we see much reporting on the tactics of taking out parts of the road toll infrastructure?

The widespread disruption across France appears to be demonstrated in the various maps from the above linked story and perhaps tells a different story than that which is being portrayed in the media.