France, popular revolt (Yellow Vests) What's going on?


Yeah, but it’s clearly illinformed.

Still the yellow vests might be onto something. … ed-cameras

Tout tout


The Irish Times go to town on the GJ

Yellow vests’ reactionary and populist traits not just a French problem
Defining inclinations of the movement are a clear and present danger to Europe … -1.3756613


Podcast…from Jan 11
The Stand Ep 316: Can Macron survive the Gilets Jaunes?

Eamon Dunphy and Lara Marlow.

‘France is a country unlike any other’: read Emmanuel Macron’s letter to his people

#224 … 3-Jan2019/


More turned out for the “no bail out” protest and at least there was a coherent position there. This seems like the usual “whatever it is, I’m agin it” crowd, so it’s unsurprising that they are not resonating.


That rally was mis-timed. It was too close to the new year and Brexit is the main show in town at the moment. The burning of the Refugee hostels has been associated with elements of the yellow vests which will mean the Left will not touch it now.


IMHO, the statements, slogans and actions of this group of protestors are suspiciously inane.


Lara has been writing in the past few weeks about the fightback against the Gilets Jaunes and she’s certainly doing her bit to contribute to that! A strong defence of the status-quo there and of her favourite President

Economic evidence does not support claims by ‘Gilets Jaunes’ about inequality
France one of world’s leading redistributors of wealth, according to OECD … -1.3767076


Ah, that American bint. Who has never penned an informed word in the last 40 years of scribbling. The poster child for the credentialzied affluent middle class fool of very average ability. I know the France she has lived in, the France of Tout Le Monde, of the Paris chattering classes, and she knows nothing of France profonde, France periperique. The France she lives in has long had complete and total snobbish contempt for those who dont live in their tiny tiny insulated world. For those they cannot be patronizing towards. Which is about 80% plus of the hexagon.

Well out in the real world Macrons deflection attempts with the Great Debate have pretty much fallen flat. Even the head of the Mayors Association said it was little more than a distraction attempt and most of them cannot be arsed to do much except maybe make rooms available if anyone want to organize a meeting. Because most of the maries most certainly arent doing much. Even the LREM ones are very lukewarm.

Other fun news. The destruction of the hated speeding camera, pretty much total outside the Ile de France, runs to about halt a billion euros. So with the destruction of the toll plazas and the lost revenue that probably another few hundred million.

So its vivre la revolution populaires. Its not over yet. Not by a long chalk. The gilets have their lists for the European elections and currently they poll a very respectable 13%. Which means the once mighty PS will be lucky to come in fifth. Not the LR are doing that much better. But will probably come in a solid third. Maybe.

Its still a long time till May.


Video posted yesterday on twitter. Is it possible a Yellow vest bank run has finally begun?


Despite some people’s personal objection to RT, it’s reporting news about the UK-backed Integrity Initiative propaganda operation that really ought to be on our front pages: … nitiative/

Why aren’t the noble western media reporting on this scandal?


Because it’s likely made-up rubbish? Look at the sources reporting on it - they’re all known purveyors of nonsense. From men in robot suits as evidence of Russian technology, to clips from video games as evidence of US “boots on the ground”. From “Salisbury Cathedral tourists” to “died from a cold while falling out of a window with his hands and feet tied”.


Look, you’re right not to trust RT, but it’s probably wise not to trust, say, the BBC, for the same reasons.

Despite your disbelief (and lack of research), it’s a fact that this “Initiative”, funded by the UK state, has recruited journalists across Europe to foment anti-Russian sentiment and to smear domestic politicians. It only came to light when Anonymous published internal hacked or leaked documents.


Isn’t that just typical RT and on breath and BBC in the same as if there’s an equivalence; there is not. RT is an arm of the Russian state. It broadcasts mainly propaganda in the traditions of Izvestia and Pravda.

Good, I’m delghted. The word is ‘foment’ and I hope they long continue. The Russian state is corrupt and is busy corrupting the rest of the democratic world with its propaganda arms; time the rest of the world stood up to it and played it at its own game.


It’s very simple NO corporate or state media is to be trusted printed on rag or lit pixels.

We’re no longer in Kansas anymore but that’s been the case for over a decade.

Stick to the topic of the thread. Discuss the media matrix in another if there is want. It’s all about signal and you’re going to have to feel the noise, a lot more noise to find out what is going on - so just get on with it, links and all.

… get back on topic!


Macron under fire for criticising elderly woman injured at “yellow vest” protest

France’s Emmanuel Macron has been accused of lacking empathy after criticising an elderly “yellow vest” protester who was badly injured during a demonstration in Nice at the weekend.

Genevieve Legay, a 73-year-old anti-globalisation activist, suffered a fractured skull on Saturday after riot police charged anti-government demonstrators in the Riviera city of Nice.

Nice prosecutor Jean-Michel Prêtre said she appeared to have hit her head on a bollard as the police were trying to prevent protesters from entering an area declared off-limits to demonstrators.

READ ALSO Inquiry launched after 73-year-old woman seriously hurt in “yellow vest” protest in Nice

Macron, who travelled to the area on Sunday to meet visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping, told the Nice Matin newspaper that he wished Legay a “speedy recovery” but also “a form of wisdom”.

“When one is fragile and risks being shoved, one does not go to places that are declared off-limits and one does not put oneself in a situation like that,” he told the daily.

The remarks were immediately criticised by Legay’s family, which has accused police of using disproportionate force to clear protesters.

Up to Act 20

Not new but worth noting - Q has become very popular with French yellow vests.

Imagine they’re probably Trump supporters too! :roll_eyes:

The Rise of QAnon in France: Le monde est surveillé

One of the most hated of society’s subsections in the entire world is the “QAnon” crowd. Now, the movement has taken a foothold in France among the “Yellow Vest“ protestors against Emmanuel Macron’s tyrannical globalist regime…

It began with the fourth straight week of “Yellow Vest” protests, where French Nationalists could be seen wearing the QAnon symbol proudly as they stood against the European Union’s Army of ungodly oppression.

Partisan Girl doesn’t miss a trick and still tweeting I see.


OMG Yellow vests, are, like, so passé


If that doesn’t cause a right wing or nationalist backlash, then nothing will.