France, popular revolt (Yellow Vests) What's going on?


Macrons authority is in pieces therefore he is finished. I think that’s about the only clear thing right now. It’s only a matter of when he steps down.

He is after all the establishment/globalists boy/pet. So this being a cool revolution of the (OSS) regime change variety would seem counter intuitive but then from the chaos a new order of the old guard is always waiting in the wings, you can never really know.

Time will tell.


Tragic story from France … -1.3721583

This bit caught my attention…

Seems to be a possible case of 21st century western ideological infantilism coming face to face with the consequence of its own naivety.

The time may be soon be aproaching when persons of a more mature disposition are forced to take possession of the wheel from those who’ve been charting the direction in which our culture has travelled for the past couple of decades…in much the same way as parents on behalf of children who simply dont know any better.


If we get another ‘new republic’ in France, how will it differ from the current incarnation ?


Well in Frances case that infantilization seems the most advanced.

But then when I hear talk of banning Fairytale of New York on Irish radio I know the silliness is, like measles, contagious.


London rioted in 2011.

Paris riots in 2018.

Everyone wants to see it as ideological because it’s French (even the French do), especially as it is mainly white people doing it.

It’s just thuggery folks, yawn and move along.


Yip, the PSNI call the annual riots around the glorious 12th Recreational Violence.

Was chatting with a bobby in England who makes handy overtime every year supplementing the PSNI.


Well done them , maybe they broke ranks…


17th Nov

18th Nov (Slurry special delivery)

24th Nov

26th Nov - A mix of clips

Dec 1 (dated Dec 2nd)

Dec 3rd

Dec 5th


Never one to shirk responsibility for defending those in Government, Stephen Collins writes today in the IT in fulsome support of Macron … -1.3721289


Well ten years ago I would have said that the plan outlined in Sarkozys book "Ensemble ", if 70% plus of the proposed reforms were forced through, would put France on the right track. After 2008 even though both Sarkozy and the DSK wing of the PS made a valiant attempt to try to put together realistic plans all are doomed to fail due to the lost years due to the financial crisis and the straitjacket of the euro. Macrons “reforms” are just a rehash of the DSK/PS plans wrapped in EU-Speak so are doomed to fail. They solve nothing.

So just more drift and lost years until the Germans pull the plug on the current Euro.

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Now this is getting very interesting…

The use of the word “putschistes” is very interesting. Very much a dog whistle phrase. As is the claim they will be “armed”. The purported source of the leak, direct from the Elysee, is also very interesting.

Then there is the next paragraph…

They are talking about the political consequences of "dix morts ". Ten dead bodies. Very unusual.

My best guess, in the context of French politics, is that Macron has ordered a showdown this week end. A show of force. That the CRS heavy squad will have live rounds ready to use. And will use them if given the oppertunity. And given past performance by some of the state players dont be too surprised that if some of the casseurs who are shot while rioting weapons will be conveniently found close by. Thats how this game has always been played. Both sides know the rules.

All this makes the surprise resignation of the Interior Minister Gerard Collomb back in October far less of a surprise. He would have had access to unparalleled real time intelligence from the monthly reports from the 10,00 maries across France of what was going on at a local level. And given that he is reported to alluded to an atmosphere of near “civil war” in his resignation address he would have been getting very accurate reports of just how bad the situation was right across France. The media reports are that he tried to tell Macron how bad things were, Macron would not listen, so Collomb decided, fuck this, I’ve had enough, I am going back to being Mayor of Lyon. Which given what has happened over the last few weeks was an exceptionally astute move.


@jmc There has been a leaked photo circulating of the instruction for a full deployment of the police on or by the 8th. All holidays suspended. I’ll try dig it out but that seems to tie in with your observation.


According to the BBC the French government are planning for a showdown.


Meanwhile the eco leftie loones who refused to call off the demo for “Ecological Justice” planned for Paris on Saturday published this declaration today…

Talk about tone deaf and clueless. Lay claim to “solidarity” with the gilet jaune but just the usual trite marxist ecobabble. Change some of the phrases, the bogey men, and the targets of abuse and its exactly the same document as would have been written by the same sort of people in 1978. About two thirds of the signatories are the unreconstructed Communists of the CGT and PCF, and assorted marxists of various hues. Mostly blood red. The rest are your typical european eco’s. Overwhelmingly urban, middle class, disproportionately public sector, and very low information especially when it comes to science. Despite their pretensions to being well informed.

I hope the CRS have more than enough tear gas on hand to fire at these people if they turn out en-mass on Saturday. Richly deserved.


Not sure it’s clear yet that both sides are not being played off against each other intentionally.


There seems to be a battle royal going on at the moment over who controls what. The talk about declaring a state of emergency, again, I suspect was more to take away discretionary power from the presidential office, via Interior and the Prefet De Police, than the actual seriousness of the situation. Given the amount of bad blood between Macron and the military establishment Macrons people dont want the state of emergency declared even though the military, via the Gendarmerie, are better suited to deal with the current situation. Plus Macrons people have a track record of not listening to good advice from the various parts of the security apparatus. Hence the inept deployments of forces in central Paris that let last weekends riots get totally out of hand. The police on the ground were very vocal to reporters in letting it be known that it was the “superiors” i.e Place Beauvau that was responsible for placing them in the wrong locations. And refused to redeploy forces as the situation changed during the day. The body language of the police at the Arc when Macron did his photo op tells you all you need to know how little they like him. Apart from the running battles with the casseurs the police so far have been remarkable tolerant and friendly to the gilet jaune in the rest of France. Who are basically people just like themselves.

Which will make any attempted crackdown by Macron very interesting. Because unlike DeGaulle Macron has no substantive support among the military or the police. Nor I suspect in any of the state agencies who usually “make things happened” when need-be. As I said, it will be an interesting weekend. As Macron does not have the political “flexibility” of a Mitterand he wont adapt to the new political reality so he’s probably a very lame duck president for the rest of his term.

So another zombie head of state. Just like in Germany.


They will get sick of the disruption …


Interior Minister Castaner: “Everything suggests that radical elements will try to mobilize” Saturday
The Elysee fears major new excesses Saturday on the occasion of “act 4” of the mobilization of yellow vests. “Everywhere in France, the mobilization of the police is total. A large-scale device will be implemented throughout France tomorrow,” Christophe Castaner also confirms that 89,000 members of the police will be mobilized in France, including 8,000 in Paris.


Paris riots: Children as young as 12 among 153 arrested at high school near French capital … 11081.html