France, popular revolt (Yellow Vests) What's going on?


Watching France 24 yesterday in english and in french, and then the bbc, the coverage barely moved from the champs elysee and a few side streets. A sea of gilet jaune standing about, and a total non event for the cameras. Job done for state media so.

France 24 do have a documentary from the regions following GJ opening toll roads etc, but it’s only shown sporadically.


Purportedly from the Chan, make of this what you will. :neutral_face:


A very cursory look at various web sites, twitters, newspapers, etc., should show you that this is BS.


Exactly, on the world page it is the lead story, including reports that most of the damage was done outside the key high profile areas.
Note the date on the email as well.


… as if by magic!


I somehow think that the French don’t need fake news to bring them out on to the streets, they’re angry enough.


More conspiracy shite.


The ‘Russian fake news’ bit, at least, is not. … s-13707574 … propaganda


Soundcloud link of some interest from Radio sputnik: Sounds like an Irish chap being interviewed and giving an overview of current events in France - … its-people


Mr. Macron’s (politically, make or break) speech.

12 Minute video:


Media Analysis:
France yellow vest protests: Macron promises wage rise

‘Gilets jaunes’: Five takeaways from Macron’s address … s-protests

Will they buy it? IMHO, they will not.


Who is ‘they’?


Those to whom the message is addressed.


You think people on minimum wage won’t be happy with 7% increase…?
I think they will.


How many of the protestors are on the minimum wage though ?


Less this week than last


Surely more ?

Say minimum wage is €10.
1 person on it.

Another person is on €10.70.

Minimum wage now increased to €10.70.
Now 2 people are on the minimum wage.


Id imagine wages are only one constituent part of a bigger, broader picture.


What do people want, money for nothing ?
There’s a limit to that kind of carry on.
56% of GDP is already funneled through the government there.


Everyone in France was watching the coverage on BFMTV. Which has been very good, as usual. If you had followed the En Direct coverage on Le Figaro, Liberation and Le Monde you would have got a very good picture of what was going on in the rest of the country, and outside the Peripherique. Also Ouest France has had good local coverage.

But the best realtime indication of disruption on Saturday was the current traffic status on the motorways. This only covered tolled roads so no Brittany info plus some other regions.

This map was a sea of yellow ! on Saturday. For most of the day the system was pretty much shutdown. In some regions, especially around Bordeaux, the authorities tried to clear the disruptions but in the rest of the country the police stayed out of the way. The situation on the national roads looked just as bad.

Act V is next.


Watching his speech last night reminded me what just a deeply annoying person he is. No matter how hard he tries to fake sincerity and empathy the inner arrogant patronizing overweening asshole shine through brightly. The tone at times veered into barely suppressed petulance. How dare you little people dare demonstrate against your betters. I, your king, sorry, president, will deign to talk to maries. To find out what the little people want. Of should want.

I dont know how they played out coverage on TF1 but I know on BFMTV, the most watched news channel, as a media event Macron speech was a disaster. After the speech there were a few of the studio talking heads looking bemused, they cut to a gilet jaune who basically said, too little too late, and the SMIC stuff was not what we are demonstrating against in the first place. Then they cut to Melenchon in the Assembly who in the space of a few minutes systematically defenestrate Macrons speech. Yes, Melenchon. Its the first time I have seen him being statesmanlike.

Macrons people are still trying to frame the confrontation in the terms of “putschists” but the situation is a lot simpler, the people no longer consent to be ruled by Macron. Its not his politics per se, its purely personal.

Other interesting news. Sarkozy is making it known that he is thinking of “unretiring” from politics. Which would be the ultimate joke on the PS wheeze to screw up the LR primary election last year. The PS is now gone but Sarko seems to have more political lives than even Richard Nixon.