France, popular revolt (Yellow Vests) What's going on?


The gilets jaunes are going to contest EU elections in May.
BFMTV is 24h constant on this topic, playing Macron over and over and over. Would make one :angry:. :slight_smile:


I know people who were at Euro Disney at the weekend.
They wanted to visit Paris on Saturday and simply were not allowed.


‘For us, this is nonsense’: Yellow vest protesters slam Macron’s ‘crumbs’ speech … 6-Dec2018/

I like that one. :slight_smile:

IMO, the objective wasn’t to convince everyone, just convince a %age, so as to take the steam out of the protests.


If he doesn’t want the 7% minimum Wage increase and mobility grants he can hand them back. :unamused:


Interesting. In that last months opinion polls the big winner was likely to be Le Pens RN.

Der Speigel put up on its English language edition a translation of one the best analysis I’ve seen so far.


France Gilets Jaunes: Macron promises divide protest leaders

Also 1700+ arrested last weekend…of that number a certain % will be charged. … t-protests

We’ll see next week, by the numbers turning out if the measures take by Mr. Macron have had an effect.


Spotted this doing the rounds, a letter to Macron from… (Original French Version/Site)


Fear of copycat actions, Egypt bans sale of yellow hi-viz vests! :unamused:


Latest substantive opinion poll.

Has nt worked. No real change in core numbers. Those who strongly support the gilet jaune still do. Any weakling in sympathetic attitude depends totally on political and social classes. And urbanization. The non urban, non comfortable middle class, non LREM , LR voters have not budged much. The suburban / urban middle class LREM / LR voters seem the only ones impressed at all by Macrons capitulation. Which is how his speech is being viewed. Which it is.

Most of those arrested were released. Most arrested at train stations to stop them going to marches. Very few charged. Most who are being charged are for breaking parole. Plus the usual riotous affray and looting offenses that happens at these kind of events.


Who cares really. Not too many french are even bothered by it. Christmas will allow all to cool their jets.

#131 … -1.3728100

How does this impact Macron’s position?

Presumably negatively in terms of highlighting the threats that are inherent in allowing inward migration from certain parts of the globe, given hes just signed up to the UN charter.

Perhaps positively in so far as he has a solid reason to increase the visible security presence and perhaps keep protesters off the streets?

One way or the other France is in a mess at this point.


The Strasbourg killings will soften the cough of the Yellow Vests for this weekend at least. That, allied with Macro’s speech, will take some wind out of the protestor’s sails


In Ireland, the police force hand out free yellow vests yesterday … 9951269889 … 0115606530


But the attack in Strasbourg is yet another example of what the gilets jaunes are complaining about. The elites not giving a shit about ordinary people. The attacker, like almost all the others, was yet another person on Fiche S who had a long criminal track record who the Macon/PS people insist on releasing and not keeping in custody. Macron has continued Hollands policy of being nicey nicey to the salaifists. Its not just Le Pen’s RN who want those on the primary Fiches S all locked up. Or deported. LR, both Sarkozy, Fillion and Wauquiez have all said so and both the police and a large part of the judiciary want them locked up or kicked out. But Macron would rather pander to the SOS Racisme lot, who are really little more racialist shake down merchants who are mostly hard left marxists. The elites care more amount media optics as seem by their urban middle class supporters and confreres than the killings of innocent ordinary people by the Fiche S salafists.


Good. Now they’ll have to specify what they want (and will probably self-combust trying to agree a common platform).

More interesting/constructive was the contribution from Piketty et al which at least tries to offer radical solutions. Not sure about their idea of a European Assembly which mixes MEPs with national governments and would vote on the EU budget. What’s the European Parliament for if not to scrutinise the Commission’s budgetary and legislative proposals?

Still, at least they are making an effort beyond pointing to the problems. Incidentally, they want extra taxes on fuel emissions - which was the match that lit the yellow-vest fuse last month…


Radical solutions? This is third rate rehashes of the New Marxism of the 1960’s. What they propose strikes a remarkable resembles to the old Soviet of the Union and Soviet of the Nationalities in the good old SSSR.

The supporters of the second most popular political parties in France and Germany, and the governing parties in Italy, completely and totally object to any more collectivization of politics as proposed by Piketty and his fellow travelers. And Sweden is currently without a government, for that very reason. As for Piketty , all I can say is that his “scholarship” on income inequality during the Les Trente Glorieuses is the greatest load of garbage I have ever read. Basically zero about the Marshall Plan and the breaking of Dirigisme and the resultant huge increases in population and economic wealth but all about making the carefully picked “facts” fit the already preformed theory. A pseudo intellectual fraud. Just another political huckster for the incoherent left soft peddling marxisme.

Piketty and his ilk are the problem. They have no part in the solution. Except to shut up and go away. Which they will eventually. Either fade away. Or be swept away. They are the intellectual detritus of the ancien regime.


For the record someone spotted GILETSJAUNES.COM was registered and by by count about 7/8 days after Macron was elected in 2017.


I mention them to contrast with the yellow vests because Piketty’s crowd have put their ideas on paper for public criticism (like yours) whereas the yellow vests are only beginning to think about proposing something concrete. I think they will melt away when they have to commit policies to paper - but hope the main parties make some effort to respond to the problems they highlight.


Some background information…

Emmanuel Macron, French president-elect, Class of 2001 … s2001/2999


Of course if the protesters listened to the likes of you there’d be no protests and no package of measures.

Many French have decided they don’t want lie there gently while Macron and his cheerleaders bugger them. They seem to have three central complaints - wages and cost of living, migration and its effects, their views not being reflected in media. What do you think they should do ? Get a second job I suppose you’ll say ?