France, popular revolt (Yellow Vests) What's going on?


Aye. And in Ireland the consumer price index rate of inflation is 0.6%, according to the CSO.


The French Police have certainly softened the Strasbourg killer’s cough!


Dead men don’t talk.


But are still available to be used as conspiracy fodder :unamused:


You’re some genius.

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Yellow Vest Ireland Protest 1500 15/12 Custom House -> Dáil
**This is a timely non-violent and peaceful movement against the Government, to hold it to account for its catastrophic practices nationally and call on the FG/FF government to immediately put in place corrective policy’s that best addresses issues facing the people of Ireland, fixing the deplorable state of the Health system, the housing crisis, poverty, and every-other policy that you do not have the mandate to implement.
Massive reform of all government institutions, organisation, Call for the entire cabinet to resign immediately.
Leo must also make a open public apology to every ordinary person in the 32 counties for his corrupt government and declare a state of emergency to address the housing catastrophe and step down.
Meeting at Custom house Quay and those attending are to wear a yellow vest and appropriate clothing for the weather and follow an undermined path through the city in the direction of Dáil Éireann. **


France is like the UK. Instant summary executions for active jihadis. No conspiracy here.

The guy was found and killed by regular local beat cops. They recognized him as he ducked into a building. He took a pot shot at them. They emptied their three side arms magazines, 12 rounds, into head and upper toros. As trained. A sort of full magazine Mozambique Drill.

The German and Dutch police still do the shooting in the legs business. The first suicide vest detonation on home turf will soon put an end to that.

See, thats what open borders and mass immigration of unassimilatable cultures leads do. Police executions in the streets. To try to protect the public from further mass murder.


Sounds like a SF gathering. Could be a row or two.
For any movement it needs a catalyst to get going. There is nothing new today compared to last week or last month.
Show me the catalyst and then there might get people out of the shops and onto the street


But the gilet jaune dont need to “propose” policies. They just want all this “green tax” insanity to end. And all the related baggage. Of which there are lots. Macron despite all his “reformist” talk is actually just trying to impose the policies of the technocratic wing of the (now defunct) PS. His reforms are just slightly repackaged and Bobo friendly versions of the DSK wing of the PS Party. Very little in common with the actual real structural reforms proposed by Sarkozy, Fillion or even Juppe.

The nearest equivalent politics to Macrons politics in the rest of europe is probably the not totally insane wing of the German Green Party, like Winfried Kretschmann in Baden-Württemberg. So Macron is not some free enterprise reformer, he is just a MSM media friendly status quo wealthy urban elite technocrat.

Although at the beginning the Macron people tried to paint the gilet as “Poujadists” that soon fell to the wayside as it became obvious that the gilet had nothing in common with Poujadism except that it was a reaction of the rest of the Hexagon against the over weening arrogance of a small ruling elite in Paris. So nothing like 1968. Or 1961. Or 1956. Although the early days of the gilet had the same “came out of nowhere but nobody surprised when it happened” as 1830 but if you want a real analogy for the current dynamic is probably closest to the popular counter revolution of the referendum of 1851 when the rest of France very much rejected the 1848 Republic, imposed on it by Paris.


Its a lot easier to find the catalyst in hindsight.
Gilets Jaune’s immediate catalyst was a modest rise in fuel duty. American revolution’s, a refusal a couple of years previously to repeal a tax on tea.
The protest at the introduction of property taxes was negligible (and led by socialists, ironically) whereas the protests of water charges were far more widespread and resolute.
Will tomorrow be a storm in a teacup? Almost definitely. But not because there is no catalyst that can easily be pre-identified.


parapluies jaunes may be required tomorrow!

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Christmas shopping 8) 8DD , “protest” outside Dail :imp: :wink: followed by BD in Doheny & Nesbitts.


Euro falls as ‘gilets jaunes’ protests hit French economy

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In many of the videos i`ve seen online the police are acting very heavy handed and in some cases outright disgracefully.


Interesting contrast of “Yellow vest timeline” videos in terms of the level of police and rioter violence shown
France24: “Yellow Vest”: A timeline of how the protests evolved
RT: Yellow Vests timeline: How protests against tax hikes escalated in France


FFS linking to RT videos now…


I know, so much completely made up propaganda, so many willing throats waiting to take it to the hilt.


@taipeir, yoganmahew
You disagree with people linking to a videos?

If you see propaganda, describe why it is propaganda, what parts? (What facts are omitted, over-highlighed etc.)
That way we can all learn from your keen powers of observation.


The RT video above is 90 seconds of footage of the riots with no editorial content.
Please elaborate on how this qualifies as propaganda?