Frank Dunlop arrested

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who says there’s never any good news?

now go get O’Callaghan

Lost interest in the Tribunals ages ago but how come none of the people he corrupted are up on corruption charges?

What about the dozens of politicians who accepted these bribes? What is the betting that not one will ever do time as a result?

Remember the beef tribunal - the only jail time was for the journalist who would not reveal her sources.

this fcuking country makes me mad, mad I tells ya…

Being arrested differs from being found guilty and sentenced.

It’s clear what has being going on and we can only hope that any people who were involed along with Frank are given jail sentences worthy of the cost their actions have had on the people of ireland.
Examples need to be set…

He isn’t fighting it. Will he get leniency for that?

If he’s found guilty of a specific instance of a specified bribe to a specified person, does it automatically mean that the recipient is corrupt too, and therefore a long way towards being found guilty as well? Or could he be found to be kind of generally corrupt, as distinct from specifically corrupt?

I think its great that corruption will finally be in court - but I always liked Frank Dunlop (without ever knowing the man) and I think its those who deny anything happened that I would prefer to see in court rather than those who admit it. Is he not almost into whistleblower country by now?

The CAB have been, I believe, waiting for the tribunals to finish. As they are not allowed to use evidence presented before the tribunals they will have to build cases against each of the individuals… it doesn’t mean they can’t use pointers from the tribunal for where to look…

They’ve already brought a case over Quarryvale, with the state looking to get ownership of the lands.

I expect to see more of these cases come to court.

edit: I also see this as another of the revenue’s piggybank schemes. There are two fiercely powerful powers in this country - the revenue and the CAB. With the state looking for money where ever it can get it, these are perilous times for anyone who crosses either. Trying…really…really…hard…not to be gleeful.

I think we all can see that Frank has done himself yet another deal. “I’ll go quietly officer.” Question is, is he bending over to take one for the team, or is he going to go quietly, but take a gaggle along with him???

fail :stuck_out_tongue:

goshdurnit, y’all just figgured out that ahm no ejugated purson.


Brown envelope?

The judiciary are the only ones capable of saving this country from ruin. It must have taken the judge in question a lot of consideration and reflection to make this move.

Our elected representatives have been on a free-for-all for far too long now and it’s about time a judge took out the scalpel in an effort to remove the most potent cancers from Irish society.

To get to the position of judge, you have to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops and have an impeccable career behind you – the mechanisms for ensuring integrity and honesty amongst our judiciary are the checks and balances inherent in society that are needed in these times of crises. Such honesty and integrity is distinctly lacking in our political system.

Our elected representatives and the people who voted them in (and kept them in) are to blame for the raping this country has got for the last 20 years.

Let’s hope many more will be arrested and put in jail pending trial.

Like the one (forgotten his name) who (allegedly?) had paedophile images on his computer?

Meh, how much I wish I could have your conviction in regard to the quality and integrity of the judiciary in this country.
Their integrity is not much better than those who appointed the majority of them, their FF cousins.
Just a few examples spring to mind:

  1. That judge who was involved in a dangerous or careless or drink driving case where he was approached by a Ministre or TD of the government in order to assist the youngster who was the dangerous/careless/drunk driver. Anyway he was no longer in his position of a judge but then he was to be appointed to the EC to some economic role even though he had no economics background whatsoever. This was during the last decade.
    So he had one cushy job and then got another one courtsey of his buddies in government.

  2. We had that judge down here in Tralee who had some child pornography issue going on with his computer. He eventually retired on full pension. It seems to me that the guards delayed the prosecution deliberately. They were in essence protecting one of their own buddies.

  3. The Kerry Babies Case where a young woman was accused of killing a baby. The judge involved agreed with the guards in the case and essentially assaulted the character of the woman, which in fairness was probably questionable anyway, but beyond what was reasonable and essentially backed up the Guards.

I could go on but why bother.

The judiciary in this country ARE NOT INDEPENDENT OF GOVERNMENT.
In essence they are in generall all of the same, for themselves and their own vested interests.
I’ll believe that judges have integrity when they begin to put TDs and Bertie in jail for LONG proper(ty!) terms, I’m talking years here, not days. It’ll never happen with the corruption of the judiciary that is exampled by the above.

Unfortunately the judiciary always bail out the state first and foremost, never the country. Theres about as much honesty and integrity in the legal profession as there is in any of the other professions in Ireland. If we are banking on political appointees to do the heavy lifting we are totally screwed. The judiciary are deeply invested in the status quo in Ireland, no hope there.

Not sure about your analysis of the judiciary. Who appoints judges again?

Til the brouhaha over Reynolds paedophile priest in '94 Judges were directly appointed by whatever gang was in govt. Following that scandal a “Judicial Advisory Appointment Board” was established and, you guessed it, we’ve had an independent judiciary since.

Ill quote from an article by David Morgan from UCC,

“Given the ballyhoo with which it was established, in the aftermath of the fall of a Government, it is incredible that the mountain should have produced such a mouse. In the first place, the composition of the Board leaves a lot to be desired. It is top - heavy with judges and has too few lay-people. Secondly, the scheme does not apply at all to the selection of the Chief Justice or the Presidents of the other courts. Nor does the scheme apply where it is a judge from a lower court whom the Government selects. Most striking of all, the Board’s power is confined to nominating a list of seven - yes seven! - candidates from which the Government may (though it is not legally obliged to do so) select the appointee.”

Its a closed shop, a self regulating aristocracy. Elected judges would be far better, at least then there would be even a token of accountability.

Is he still a judge? NO.

Is he still a judge? NO.

Do you think this judge will ever be sitting in the Supreme Court? NO.

Countless shysters have gone on to be Taoiseach, union leaders and department secretaries.

Please do.

There’s no such thing as absolute independence.

And judges aren’t THAT well paid. It’s tribunal barristers who are rolling in it. Good for your bank balance, but not necessarily good for your reputation to be representing the worst slimeballs that Irish society has to offer.

I still have faith in our judiciary. So much so, I’d be in favour of handing over power for 5 years and let them figure out a way to sort out the mess once and for all – waay beyond their remit of course, but just a rant.

No group of people are as pure as angels, but the checks and balances amongst the judiciary are there to weed out the bad eggs and limit the the amount of damage they can do.

The judiciary have been responsible for some of the worst decsisions in our history. Even worse is that they have seized more power than the dail has,through a case about 40 years ago, whereby they declared that they, and not the elected reperesentives of the people, the dail, would determine what was the common good. They had a few other decisions that added to their power.

There is one thing I know, which is that your average judge does not know what the common good is.

They will know a commonly good wine is , but god help us if the the Gonzaga gang think that , looking into their hearts, they know what is best for the the people of Ireland. We had that before with the same results.