Frank Fahey and Alan Ahearne

Alan has been very quiet for the past two years, until now that is. He shall soon speak in public in Galway. While Alan may well have agreed to speak for entirely honourable reasons the event has seemingly been hijacked by none other than Frank Fahey. Frank is normally only seen in public in Galway with 4 goons around him nowadays. Photos of Frank and goons much appreciated. :smiley:

Holding it in a bankrupt hotel that acted as a surrogate FF Tent in 2008 and 2009 and now tottering through receivership is grimly apt in the circumstances. … mic-crisis

He must have borrowed Mystic Meg’s crystal ball so. :wink:

Frank is the one who will make the predictions…starting with housing market recovery in 2011 and 2011 being the best time to buy :slight_smile:

I’d be more impressed if he could see the result of the general election and take a hint to feck off sooner rather than later as opposed to wasting oxygen. The thing that amazes me most about his ilk is that they cling to power like shite to a blanket. :-GC

Didn’t he take part in a seminar a couple years ago saying it was a good time to buy?

He sure did woger… I witnessed it… Had his usual supporters applauding his every remark and those
same supporters jeering at anyone that tried to contradict


By jaysus but he has nerve I’ll give him that. I predict lots of egg of his face - literally.

Frank will also be launching his personal campaign tune for election 2011 which is a “a catchy hippety hoppity number” or so I was told by those in the know :nin .

Sing along dere lads.

Fuck Your Rented Shoebox I’ve A House Outside, Fuck Your Simon Hostel I’ve a HOOOUUSE Out Side,

Lol. Is that your designation or His?

My god Alan Ahearne really is mixing with the wrong crowd these days!

Fahey of all people.

You lie down with dogs, etc.

I think that’s worth a trip to the city of tribes. January blues and all that - could do with a lift :wink:

Tempted to go down myself & record a bit of video, might be a classic.

You’ll probably need a hidden camera or something discreet at least or Frank’s “goons” might get ya!

Not too bothered by goons, but that in itself might make an interesting video…

I would love to go to this - being a school night the other side of the country makes it difficult, but who knows…


I’m tempted to go to this and hit them with a couple of curveballs.

“Alan, can you explain how creating an artificial floor on house prices has helped our economy rebound so strongly”

“Frank, what would be your advice to me finding myself in negative equity having followed the advice of your 2009 seminar”

I’m gutted I can’t make it down for this - If it were next Monday I could have stayed down the Monday.

Will someone who is going ask my question for me…

“Frank, in Spring 2009 I bought my first house on the back of your words that house prices were as low as they could go. I now find myself in negative equity and hard pressed to make repayments. I was just wondering…have you any other good advice?”

Hasn’t started yet but there was an angry, anti-Frank mob outside and there’s a nice hum inside. Ahearne looks like he’s sorry he didn’t stay home. :slight_smile: