Frank Quinn - View from 2003 … ank-quinn/
Mr. Deeter writes of Mr. Quinn’s report

The report is here: … le.pdf.pdf

Nobody saw it coming, eh?
It must be the sensational language and headlines the report generated, then, that made it easy to dismiss? :confused:
Or perhaps we all knew it wouldn’t last (even in 2003…) :unamused:

Which is also why a sane and rational analyst like Frank Quinn will not be invited to sit on the board of NAMA or to contribute economic analysis to NAMA on LTEV and like yadda yadda.

NAMA will instead be a nice little earner for the bubbleistas, that is all.

Its interesting looking back at 2003 that all the danger signs were there.

If action had been taken then, particularly on lending practices and tax reliefs things could have worked out different.

If the electorate had of been informed nay self-infomred, you could wager a different outcome.

An impossible scenario at the time considering how much control the vested interests had over the mouthpieces of state amd media but for me 2003 was the beginning of the end, thats when I really felt things where absolutley not working in any measure of sanity and I began searching the net intently. Once I was plugged in I found a few dissenting voices, all wilderness at that stage.

Have to agree with you on this. There was a lot of people making a lot of money out of the situation and not too many screaming stop.

I use the example of the well meaning neighbour trying to stop the party at 3am on a saturday night. The people at the party know that if they keep drinking theyll be in trouble the next day but its hard to be the voice of reason at 3am !!!