Free Volvo with every house !

A DEVELOPER is offering a free car to anyone who buys a house in a new west Dublin housing scheme in the latest attempt to revitalise the moribund property market.

The Volvo C30, valued at €25,000, is being given away with every house purchased at the Alderwood development at Hollystown, in Dublin 15, according to McPeake Auctioneers.

Houses in the scheme, which have been built by a subsidiary of LM Developments, go on sale from tomorrow, with prices from €480,000 for a two-bed property.

A spokesman for the auctioneers McPeake denied the car giveaway was a gimmick, with the cost of it built into the price of the house.

The move comes as a new economic report has found that the sharp fall in house prices over the last year has made homes more affordable for first-time buyers.

Why stop at a car? Why not raise the price by a million and throw in a free wedding, lifetime holidays and college education for 3 kids to attract the FTB crowds.

Volvo, “as safe as houses”, in actual fact its probably more crashproof than the house! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Would’nt you be a right eejit, god these people will never learn.

Maybe it’s just me, and I’m still drunk on overpriced gin from last night, but if I was out Hollystown way looking to buy a gaff, I’d prefer if they knocked the €25k off the price of the house and I went to the forecourt and bought my own motor.

Like I say, I’m probably still drunk when I type this craziness…


Where in D15 is Hollystown?

Stop such crazy thinking POC.
This should help your mind to return to the safe zone. :wink: Sorry all for the O/T.
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There has to be a dodge in this in that the cost of the car may be possibly offset against tax in some way for the developer and if you add to that this method also helps to maintain the higher sale cost of houses then its easy to see the method in their madness. I.E. give away anything but dont reduce the price.

mmmm if I could get one of those 100% 40 year mortgages I could pay for my car over 40 years…


Maybe when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, it might be possible to forgo the car and get the price reduction anyway on an individual basis. It would help keep the illusory house price stability facade but also sell houses.

I suppose the risk there is that potential buyers would be put off going for viewings/making offers in the first place.

I’d be curious of what the stamp duty implications are too, if you could potentially end up paying 7% extra in stamp duty on the sticker price of the jammer.

from google maps Hollystown is there between Blanchardstown and the N2 right dead centre on the Flight Path out of Dublin Airport.

Lookie here to see its prime location (for plane noise!): … 9&t=h&z=13

And the valuer for the mortgage company will have to list the 25K car in the price so the lender will only loan X% of the “sale price-25K”.

You’d want to be getting more than a 25k discount on the house. It’s 480k for a two bed in the arse end of nowhere. A 50k price cut would be a start.

Discount? Well the latest report states that property here is 33% overvalued so the reduction in price would need to be €160k just to bring it in line with the rest of the world, and with that you could probably buy a share in that ski lodge in Austria. Now theres a thought.

Wow, that is some public transport blackspot. 480k to live in the arse end of nowhere, no wonder they are chucking in a Volvo.

As I said before, “Volvos are better in a crash than houses” :laughing:

But if I don’t want a Volvo? I DON’T want a Volvo.

A Porsche 911 I might consider but dammit all to hell, I already have a car I like.

You could buy a Porsche with the saving if the prices dropped back back to where they should be, I know Id like to but my wife would have a seizure and accuse me of a mid-life crisis :open_mouth: :laughing:

All this free give aways still makes no sense to me!!!

Is it for tax?
A gimmick?
For Publicity?

Most replies will probably be developer stupidity but there must be another reason why developers feel the need to act like this. I’m sure some of the developers are astute business folk so why do they do this??

Dont be silly - Volvos are “built for life” :smiley:
Probably last longer than the properties :smiley::D:D

mind you some cars warranties are only a few years short of the homebond structural guarantee !!

McPeake Auctioneers - What a name!