Freedom Of Speech, Freedom Of Expression

This seems like a dramatic underreaction from the normally forthright Turley.

I cant even begin.

Does that include all government, SoMe & three-letter agency bots?

Or just us?

Rhetorical question.

Begin with the comments in that tweet, it will lift the mood a click or two on the dial. :icon_beer:

Listen to the beauty of free speech.

So you see yis Racist pricks, this bint is Irish. But has a different community.

Yeah. Who knew.

Froguss FF.

The eyes ave it.

Politicians are trying to pull the old 3 card monte on the citizenry.

Citizens would have to travel to Brussels (where the decisions are actually made) to protest, not the Dáil. Since Brussels isn’t a viable option for a protest, what other choice do they have?

(Have posted this POV before, but it’s worth repeating since the ‘people should only protests outside the Dáil’ argument is so often repeated.)

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Busy n’all as it is does anyone gotz an update at where the Huff n’Puff Speech Bill is at?

The real nugget in that gript test is not how dumb the politickos are but, the insight that Harris does not want to lose his soft powers arsenal because he knows that he can not police effectively what happens after such legislation is put in place without escalation that equates to #Troubles4All , because they can’t even police what is happening now, now.

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History always repeats.

If you deny the population real representation and you divert their taxes to support people other than the taxpayer then you inherit the results.

This is Northern Ireland again except this time its the Republic and an internal government.

The gun is back in politics.


Indeed, so we’re at the civil rights marches stage would you say, but with the duo mix, where there is also the immense invasion plantation waves, it’s not exactly comparable in historically linear sense.

Senator Malcolm Byrne FF said to take it those who make the decisions, or claim to make the decisions, so:

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The 77th keeping an eye on Daily Mail columnists. Perfectly normal, everyday occurances old chap

No George like an old George wha?

I’m hearing we will soon be hearing from same very soon.