Friday 13th Property Investor Horror Stories

Taken from AAM Property Investment 07.13.07:

10 Investment Properties for Sale - Suggestions appreciated.
Is it possible to sell a property portfolio?
I have 10 properties which i want to sell. One property is a section 23 property. Can anyone tell me what company or firm i could approach to do this? 4 properties are in Kildare/Dublin, the rest are in Tipperary. Any suggestions would be grately appreciated :open_mouth:

Holy hell. Any interest (1)2Gaffs?
Things really starting to gain momentum. Daft 200 off 46,000 listings.

Builders holiday starts later today…

Jaysus ten investment properties !
This guy must be sweating when he wants to offload all ten in one foul sweep. Flippers form an orderly queue

Builders Holidays start next Friday…20 July …watch this space

Looks like the start of the investor’s panic to the exit

He/she is probably

  1. looking to sell them in the most tax efficient manner possible
  2. hoping to get a reduced bulk rate from the EA than having to sell them all individually

The guy just needs to be patient as the market is bound to pick-up again in the Autumn, or next Spring or in 2020!

His only seriously viable option is to sell. Anyone got any other suggestions?

edging towards our “non glee” policy here folks. Please “thread” carefull :wink: THanks.

O.W. if you are referring to my post and if you are able to delete it then please do so. Perhaps, in hindsight, a little close to the edge…

Yeah and all the while he/she is making repayments on 10 properties. Mortgage x 10 per month :open_mouth: Ouch :angry:

Yeah , go the illegal route and collect on the fire insurance or place an ad " Buy one , Get one Free " :stuck_out_tongue:

I LOL’ed out loud at this one. Very good.

In keeping with the non-glee policy of the site, I wish to point out that I’m laughing, because the thought of someone burning a house down to claim insurance is so ludicrous :wink:

This was me as well. again they would not DARE ban me again .

actually its more funny to sit back and watch the comments on AAM about this and other similar posts to bother quoting others

Keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue: