Friend in a spot of bother.

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Hi. I hope someone can advise on this. My friend recently had a stroke
and has had to go on disability benefit as a result. He asked
his landlord of four years to sign a rent allowance form. The landlord
refused. The community welfare officer even rang the landlord to beg
him to sign but he still refused. It all got a bit tense as you can

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the landlord (who lives beside them)
stopped my friend in the drive and demanded the rent off him. My friend
refused and said he would give him the rent when the landlord gave him
a receipt. The landlord promptly gave him two weeks to get out of the

Rather than put up a fight, my friend decided to move. Now the landlord
is refusing to give him his deposit back and has parked a trailer in
front of his car so he can’t get it out. He says he can’t have the car
back until he pays the rent.

Any suggestions what he can do?

I’ve posted this on a couple of sites to get maximum feedback. Mods, I wasn’t sure where to post on this site so please move if necessary.

Call the guards.

Call the Gardai.

Start a case with the PTSB.

Get a solicitor - start a circuit court action for theft of the car.

That sounds terrible and I’m sure he has used up all available advice to date. Could he try and move the trailer blocking his car somehow.

If your story is true…

Get yourself and 5 of your friends to go over to that prick

Will the Gardai not just say it’s a civil matter? … 2055425418

some good info in the thread above.

What a scumbag. I hope your friend don’t fall and hurt himself trying to get by the trailer.

Well for starters the notice given to your friend was too short, if he had been there for 4 years he is due a minimum of 112 days see … 0Guide.pdf
He should get on to PRTB to resolve the dispute. It sounds like the landlord is a bit dodgy so may not be PRTB registered. If you tell them you are going to the PRTB they may look into it, realise they owe a big fine if they are found out and just let him go.

Threshold may be able to help as well:

As far as I am aware deposits cannot be held for unpaid rent, they are only for damage to the property.

I would imagine blocking someone in like that is illegal as well.

Call the Guards… he’s essentially stolen the car.

Also call the Independent or Advertiser, get the fucker named and shamed.

No faith in the Gardai in these cases to be honest.
Contact a journalist, take photos of the car, explain the background (stroke, belligerent landlord etc) Get the journalist to doorstep land"lord" to explain why he can’t provide receipts.
The media and the public love these human stories. Naming and shaming the land"lord" will move things pretty quick.

1850 715 815

Thanks a million for all the suggestions folks.

Why does the landlord refuse to sign the rent allowance form ?

Your name goes so well with that number.
My question is … were you *grumpy *before or after listening to the show ? :laughing:

Maybe he’s claiming the dole and this would be seen as earnings. Maybe he’s a cnut.

A quick update. He’s just got Threshold to phone landlord and they mentioned PRTB. He told them to f*** off. Also it’s not a trailer in front of it, it’s a van.

Since my advice would involve advocating violence, i shall say nothing.

Have you got a van or car to park in front of the landlords driveway?

ahahaha! gotcha, this guy sounds like a scum non registered landlord. I think he is in for a world of pain. I hope he doesn’t start intimidating your friend, if so, definitely call the garda then, may be worth setting up a video camera if the landlord ever calls around.