Friend or foe functionality

Is it possible to see if another member has marked you as a foe? The reason that I ask is because I don’t want to waste my time responding to posters who are not going to see my responses. I would message them directly and ask if they have blackballed me but I might get accused of harassment :open_mouth:

I put you on my foe list and then took you off, did you get an automatic mail telling you that?

BTW, I can’t possibly think why someone would put you on their foe list, you seem to be such a nice fella. :smiley:

I put Ray on my foes list an now I can only see Mossy’s post above.

Edit: I do have a message saying “this post was made by ray who is on your ignore list” and I have the option to show the post.

I didn’t realise that this thread would appear in the main latest posts list :blush:

Sorry mossy, I can’t see your post as you are on my foe list but I know that you posted :smiley:

Edit: no I didn’t get any notification of my new found foe status :mrgreen: