Friends First bans withdrawals from fund

Also in todays IT: … 18079.html

thats hard news for many investors, but they are doing great compared to the ones who totally lost their @$$ in the other fund Friends First had called ISTC (covered in the pin already) . Just thought it was worth a mention, sometimes the only comfort is that there are others worse off!

Worse off than who? The poor people who will be tied to a dump they cant sell, cant refinance and may be paying for probably the best part of the next 40 years.

At least with an investment you have the option to pull out (cooling off period) and should read the info provided (if you dont you really are an idiot and you should get independent advice). Having done that and still lost then you can consider yourself unfortunate but that is the nature of investing, also if you believe you were mis-sold to you have recourse using the regulator.

Try that with a house!