From €380,000 to €65,000 -- house sells for 17pc of peak

From €380,000 to €65,000 – house sells for 17pc of peak price - Mark Hilliard → … 42518.html

This is 15 Church Road, East Wall.
Price is being tracked at

Did this house actually sell for €380,000 at one point? If not, then surely comparing an aspirational asking price, which was never achieved, at peak, with an *actual *selling price close to the bottom, exaggerates the picture somewhat.

According to the auction ad this is a maisonette, not a house. It is advertised as a 3 bed apartment so the Indo headline is misleading. I think maisonette means the basement or ground level is a separately owned property - is this correct?

I think; so there was a maisonette around St Pappins? sold at the last Allsop

July - Lot 16 4 St Canice’s Park, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 Investment 2 Bed Maisonette Sold Dublin €55,000 €55,000 0% €6,400 11.6% 11.6%

Good that car auctions are diversifying. It will help the price discovery along.

Sold at auction barely 2 months ago for €65,000 - back on today for €115,000

So - are they renovating it or not ??

Well worth the extra €50,000 :laughing:

Sounds like one of those Houses under the Hammer jobs on BBC1 tv at 10am. You buy cheap and sell high. No one ever seems to make a loss on that show