from dublin opinion site. Land sale and TDs.

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Good find Mercedes, the Kenny Report was an attempt to sort out rezoning in Ireland after the excesses of the 1960s in Dublin mainly , the full report is linked in there

It was completely ignored because the then Top 20 developers were tied to Fianna Fáil , feck all changed in 35 years of course :frowning:

The then Minister for environment, Bobby Molloy , was himself a developer in Salthill in Galway …even today he has a number of unsold ‘premium’ sites half way between Leisureland and Pearse Stadium .

Now that the latest generation of top 20 developers have crashed the entire banking system and now that the state will own most of these landbanks under NAMA we should indeed dust this honest attempt off and maybe implement it this time. Too late though :frowning: