From New American Centruy to End of "Empire" in a lifetime?

At the start of the G.W. Bush presidency the world became aware of the “Neo-Cons” and the Project for the New American Centruy (wiki)

Today, the Guardian in the UK carries a story suggesting “2025: the end of US dominance

One suspects that this was not the proposed legacy the PNAC were hoping from W’s term.

Blue Horseshoe

2025? It ended a few years ago. The world just doesn’t realise it yet.

10 years ago I was living in the US, and what I saw was a society in decline with huge underlying problems. Even back then they were already losing their technological edge over Europe and Japan, the infrastructure was crumbling, work and business practices were outdated, society was fractured and social mobility had ground to a halt.

The Dubya years were a desperate effort to maintain relevance through sheer brute force. It was never going to work.

The US is a huge, diverse, resource-rich nation. Doubtless they will rise again eventually. But for now, they just aren’t a factor any more, despite the hubris and bluster.

Was that why 1998 ‘sucked donkey balls’ for you? Now I understand.

Well, in the early months of 1998 I was in Dublin and that really sucked for a variety of reasons. Then I went and spent a year in Boston, primarily just to escape the situation in Dublin, and that really sucked too. 4 hours a day commute, amongst other horrors.

By May 99 I was having a fantastic time in Donegal. So it all worked out in the end 8)

I had a house in Donegal, near Carrick/Kilcar. Great landscape/people/music etc…, but I’m glad we sold. Too far to visit regularly.