Frontline 12/4

Go Karl !!! Talking sense at last.

This is all going way way over the plank’s head.

Karl Deeter on now on the Front Line ]

It would be ironic after giving out to a friend of mine about the financial folly putting a car loan on the mortgage that he gets a portion of it written off.

Mortgage Broker on the Frontline baying for a NAMA for the “little people”. :open_mouth: XX

Erm, that’s not what I’m hearing him say.

I started a thread on this and to be fair MB was stating the exact opposite.

Thing is, judging by the initial reaction sense aint what they want to hear.
Head still in the sand folks

Two intelligent people on the front line ! Call Guinness !

Is it someone from the Pin ?

Really Karl -you can be a complete prat

Ah lads come on now, when the unions start arguing with each other CPSU and AHCPS ] it’s like watching drooling idiots fighting over a golly bar./

who’s the blonde ?

No. Aaaargh. Put the camera back on the blonde !

Excellent performance by MB. His media skills have improved a lot.

I have also come to the conclusion that what is called “denial” on this site is actually something else: pig ignorance.

Curious sensation. Have come to a period in my life when three of the most pivotal public service Unions are now run or about to be run by people I have known for four decades (and in one case longer) -watching Sheila ‘Firebrand’ Nunan arguing for the so-called ‘Croke Park Deal’- as the least worst option -is like listening to Lenihan or any other FF fucker defending NAMA. XX

innocent civilians getting the largest cheers !!! Yay !!!

{P whoops we’ve moved on to the dark ones ]

Yep here comes the Death Star hove into view … He’s NOT AT LIBERTY !!!

Are you on the sauce Duisigh ?


You just knew though that his arguments were falling on deaf ears.

I laughed at guy who said that the Public Service had been bullied since the foundation of the state. :angry:

Plank calls the bottom!

I think MB may have come off as being arrogant to the ordinary punters in the audience. We all think he did well because he’s preaching to the converted here but I’m sure a lot of people will be looking at him as the enemy, especially as he is representing Irish Mortgage Brokers. The other guy (the renter in the striped shirt) was kind of given a rough ride by Pat who as good as dismissed him saying ‘aren’t you the smart f***er not buying into the bubble’

All in all I think the consensus, right or wrong, was for a NAMA for the little guy…well that’s what I inferred :unamused:

How can Plank call the bottom when he just floats on the surface?

I’ll eh… nevermind