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That’s very in step with Fooled By Randomness’s conjecture over there on another thread

Maybe (hopefully) he’s psychic.

One way or another, it looks like the phony war is coming to an end.

I dont think it was a phony war I think they were looking after their own to the detriment of the rest of us. Oh and add in an element of stupidity, cute-hoorism, gombeenism etc etc.

Supposedly there’s never a wrong time to do the right thing; but I just wish they’d done it about €20B or €30B ago !

  • cowardice, both political and financial, and bewilderment.

and therin lies the rub

that 30bn was given to throw a lifeline to allow some of their mates rescue some stuff.
e.g Johnny Ronans crew still being paid millions every year for Failure.

It justifies EVERYTHING that Peter Mathews has stated ad nauseam to anyone who would listen for the past 12 months.

The FT last week gave the Irish government an out. They have covered up the Bank Robbery for two years while everybody else knows about it…save the identity of the robbers.

When a goverment wants to stiff its taxpayers for €25bn it is incumbent on them to tell the taxpayers who the robbers are, in this case it is the Anglo Bondholders. Some bonds have been issued in the past 2 years UNDER the bank guarantee scheme so we are on the hook for them. I am particularly concerned with pre guarantee Seanie era tat though.

These people should accept pennies in the pound for their failed gamble and for failing to due diligence Seanies scamming. They did not do so.

Now it is time to find out who they are…even if we find that Irish Life is a major one…and to tell them we are skint and please shaggoff willye :frowning:

To the FT article.

As to the rump that is left, run it off as a bad bank.

This is what Lenny said a year ago during the NAMA debates in the Dáil.

debates.oireachtas.ie/DDebate.as … All&Page=2

Yep, the perception is that the bondholders are foreign speculators, hedgies and the like.
The reality is probably that they’re BoI, AIB, ILP, Quinn, FBD etc… oh, and your local friendly Credit Union.
Burning them might not turn out so well.

PTSB are in for 886 mn of Anglo state-guaranteed bonds…

post or pre guarantee issue…or have they said ??

Irish Life arm or Permo arm ??

Surely you’re better off burning them all if they’re local, that way you unravel the mess and clean up the bits that need to be cleaned in a more transparent way.

Either way it’s going to cost.

I think we should cut off both arms and euthanize this patient before it suffers any more, it’s the decent thing to do.