FT: Shrink the eurozone, or create a fiscal union

Would I be right in guessing that the EMF proposal is not available online in English?

There is no published proposal at the moment. Read some of the other threads about it. It is chat at this stage.

So where did he read it?

In the paper, I suppose:
ft.com/cms/s/0/2a205b88-2d41 … abdc0.html

German bonds time it is!

So the plan is available in detail or it isn’t? Or a clever mix of both?

I can’t read the link owing to FT.com having not given me enough brownie points to do so.

Me neither. I guess that makes it a secret so, from you and me anyway.

edit: anyway, until there is finance minister’s agreement, it is just a proposal, not a plan…

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