Fuck the Recession Quinlan - Chaaarrggge!


And these are the kind of chumps the Irish government has guaranteed…



If Quinlan goes under some high profile people in this country are also likely to be pulled down with him.



the old tax driven investments…

It’s got great tax breaks!!!

don’t mean anything if it’s a money losing investment


How many A&E units or schools would those tax breaks have paid for.

It’s still incredible to me that the majority of Irish people don’t realise that the shocking state of Irish health care & education is in large part because our Politicians were happier to give money to shysters than to invest in social services.


The people who are going to feel the pinch the worst here are the private investors and the banks (should QP hit a sticky wicket). Quinlan Private is essentially run as a hedge fund, but with Quinlan himself extracting 15% of the profit from all deals. That means that Quinlan can get lots of the upside from running the group and none of the downside if things go pear-shaped (that’s assuming he doesn’t put his own cash in).

Another reason why I would fear for the banks and investors. I’m going to be careful with what I say here!

While Quinlan Private probably aren’t doing anything wrong here, banks and investors are essentially playing a very dangerous game here. From what we can see, there has been very little profit taking (except from Quinlan himself of course!) from the fund. That means that investors and banks have been doubling up on their investments with each play. Why wouldn’t they? The chap started Quinlan off with a few million and has scored success after success. At this stage, original investors are probably sitting fairly pretty, regardless of what happens. The ones who threw a million into the fund last year, probably a little nervous now.

You can make your own minds up on what parallels you can draw Quinlan Private to :nin


Financier’s palatial New York mansion is a snip . . . at $37m

Wednesday April 29 2009

FINANCIER Derek Quinlan has put his palatial New York townhouse on the market with a price tag of $37m (€28.3m) – just four weeks after he slashed the asking price for his office on the same street.

independent.ie/national-news … 22559.html


Link to Google Street View of Quinlan’s NY crib

Impressive technology from our data overlords…


Quinlan selling up in Ireland too.

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 47845.html


Ms. Cullinan wrote:

Dry, Ms. Cullinan, very dry…


first the Irish taxpayer handed billions in tax breaks to property developers …

… and what did these geniuses do with that money?

they leveraged it up, bet it on trophy real estate and lost massively.

… and who now picks up the tab for the losses?

the same taxpayer via institutions such as NAMA.

if the plain people of ireland ever figure this out …well, there have been bloody revolutions for much less … :open_mouth:


But they won’t. Nor will their shmucko counterparts in Britain and the US.

Elites parasitising the masses has always been part of the natural human order.

There are only two alternatives: feed or be fed upon. :nin


I just don’t for the life of me get this guy, he bought at the peak for €7 million, if we are to believe some estate agents
there has been a 50% fall so it should be worth €3.5million, yet he wants to see for a nice wee profit of 7% in
two years by selling for for €7.5million ??? XX


Did he spend 4 million :open_mouth: refurbishing it ?


Oh dear

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 32946.html

And 2008, 2009 are carnage.


Oh deary deary me


Quinlan could end up with a whole floor of his own in NAMA …never mind a desk :frowning:



More on South Wharf

timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 734261.ece

Citigroup , a Prime Tenant



From Today’s Irish Times
irishtimes.com/newspaper/let … 34277.html


From Today’s Irish Times
irishtimes.com/newspaper/let … 34277.html

With or without the beans?


Are we allowed to say which prominent New York based private client fund Quinlan Private reminds us of?