Fuck the Recession Quinlan - Chaaarrggge!


It’d be interesting on the basis that Mr. Justice Kelly found that all those Jersey companies of Carrolls were effectively Irish since they had Irish directors who lived in Ireland. I wonder have the Revenue and the ODCE looked at that? I wonder have I even interpreted it right!


B4 the dust settles, almost every aspect of applicable legislation will be tested !
ODCE will be BUSY!!


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Has he changed his Facebook account to be private and unfriended everybody also?

I wonder why the need to go undercover? :nin


By undercover do you meaning into hiding?


Less contactable anyway.


If he was switching to a Swiss phone (to defray telephone expenses) and wanted to be contacted, he would have left his new Swiss numbers on his Irish phones - so “into hiding” it is.


I think its more a shareholder issue than a director thing. I’m a director of an unlimited company so am careful.

An unlimited company does not have to file accounts full stop. It was the desire to not publish accounts that makes them have the non eu limited parent that doesnt have to publish accounts.

Typical scenario

Davys MBO from BOI - make Irish company unlimited, owned by IOM company, owned by Irish unlimited company owned by another fucking unlimited company with a few others thrown in. Eventually you get to Ailmount Investments here which owns it.

Given the general insolvency of the developers unlimited empires, high time you just publish the accounts full stop.


That will be hiding from his investors then. Almost worth carrying a box of rotten eggs with you at all times, just in case you happen to run into the thieving ba$tard.


Lake Lugano, Switzerland. Wouldn’t you turn your phone off??



this is an excellent Funny Well referenced thread which shows what thepropertypin does well.
I read thread from start to finish this morning following hyperlinks.

Ignored the thread up until now because the subject of the thread was one of our betters whom I’d never rub shoulders with.
I only read the thread because I heard of a landlord of a retail unit in a Midlands Shopping centre locking out a delinquent tenant just before Christmas and Landlord appears to be associated with Quinlan Partnership.


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That was what Housebuyer said would happen to these high worth clients of Quinlans. Doubt if the word ‘ultra’ applies in Ireland in 2010.

Housebuyer posted that in late 2008 around when this thread started but before Derek had hoofed it to Switzerland :slight_smile:


Some investors certainly didn’t fall into the bracket of “ultra-high net worth clients”

independent.ie/business/iris … 29861.html

Never realised that Pat Kenny has been stung as well.


Derek Quinlan: well where better for a louser to f*ck off to but Lausanne.
See if you can spot him out walking the dog using Google’s Street View:



The servants walk the dogs. Pfft.


Love it :stuck_out_tongue:


Poor Derek

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Now we know why he’s had to his ‘Road to Damascus’ conversion & is doing his best work in years with Frontline 8DD


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Nice and only 44 minutes drive from Geneva airport or 17 1/2 hours drive from my doorstep by car.

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