Fuck the Recession Quinlan - Chaaarrggge!


OK, debts of 600 big ones, so does that make him high net worth or low net worth??


So, this guy in effect has €600m less money than me, but somehow he’s rich and I’m not?



After seeing that the Signs of a Recession thread has been closed to be replaced by a Signs of the Depression thread, I thought I’d post some good news.

Was drifting off to sleep last night when Mrs Howitzer gave me a nudge and asked “who’s Derek Quinlan”? Somewhat taken aback by Mrs H’s new found interest in all things financial I gave her the rundown and asked why.

“Well his niece Emma is going to be appearing in Playboy soon.”

She’d been reading one of those trashy magazines: U or It or Jizz, and it was a full page story. Nice pic too.


Steady with the NSFWs (Not Suitable For Work). I am sure you can all use google and find the links for yourselves…


Late news, was announced back in jan by an Irish Blogger.

Warning : Scantily clad woman in link

lateformass.com/2010/01/emma … e-of-2010/


Well at least I wasn’t all in my head. Came into the office this morning and thought, “did I dream that?”.


From todays Sunday Times


I presume he is pre-empting the inevitable enquiry and resignation.


Very interesting.
Does anybody know if DQ makes frequent visits back to this isle, or was his a 1-way ticket ?


He was in the same Dublin restaurant as me on the 15th of April.

In other news…

Emma quite diplomatically didn’t mention the shame that Derek has brought on the family.


Emma is a good girl so she is. When she sees a large snake she immediately wrestles with it.




Is this thread going to come back to talking about Property, etc?

This is really boards material…


Quite , it would be enough to make even the most brazen hussy blush with shame, imagine that, stripping off for the cameraman and then someone asks are you by any chance related to the Quinlan who pissed off to Switzerland, oh the embarrassment!
But in these hard times surely it’s fair to ask as well with digital cameras and email now so good why does any model have to fly to LA to strip off for a photo shoot, I mean is Belmayne not good enough for glossy photos anymore ?
Keeping the work here would be good for jobs PLUS saves tons of carbon, what a pity Joe Duffy or someone couldn’t get on to her and plead with her just to lie back and think of Ireland.


Here’s a lesson for all the Nama-bound developers on how to extract yourself from Nama keep your gains out of the hands of the greedy taxpayer.

From an article by Tom Lyons in the Sunday Times…

The scary part is that this might actually be “beneficial for all stakeholders”. Does anyone really want to test how water-tight Anglo’s security is?


As I say, verbatim, this is exactly how NAMA is designed in effect, if not in theory. NAMA is only going to work if someone refinances and buys back these loans. They are only going to do that as a discount. Nobody has the cash, so the loans are going to have to come from somewhere. No foreign bank is going to stump up the lot, so they will end up back on Irish bank books. The taxpayer is stumping up the discount in the form of equity in the banks.

It is a gigantic game of hide the sausage. Guess what hole it’s going to end up in? (Hint - it’s behind you…).


irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 76960.html


Bank repossesses Quinlan’s yacht as Nama cracks down -> timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/w … 134086.ece


independent.ie/business/iris … 47153.html


And that is the best idea they can come up with?