Fuck the Recession Quinlan - Chaaarrggge!


It should be left as a monument to the bubble… just like the Anglo HQ…
That way when our kids wonder why there is no heating in their school… or a patient is questioning the week they’ve spent on a trolley we can point them to where Ireland thought the money would be better spent.


They’ve applied to be considered for housing for Trinity, that’d be a tiny part of the overall site. It’s not commercially viable to build on it for years particularly if they have to put buildings on podiums because of the methane

tribune.ie/article/2009/sep/ … %20Trinity


This just reads of ‘smart economy’ to me. There is most likely no plans what soever to actually develop this site in the short to medium term. What you do have is a developer who must say what he intends to do with it so that nama can value the loan…

Sure we all know there is no effing shortage of apartments… with a lot being turned into student digs…

This plan just reads like sticking a few buzz words together in the hope it looks like a plan.


Going forward.


irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 16759.html

Lots of optimism in that article.


Why do people give such stupid meaningless names to companies?
I mean WTF does AVESTUS mean?
If the name makes no sense, is that the giveaway that the company’s numbers won’t make much sense either??
Surely for taxpayers it makes a lot more sense for Quinlan’s new company to be called AVESTY.
That’s AVESTY, short for TRAVESTY. :open_mouth:


Because all the decent .com 's are already gone…

So if you want to promote your “Excellence in client delivery” your left with avestus.com BD


I saw the name, Avestus Capital, and immediately thought of Divestus of Capital - turns out divestusof.com is free!

Go on lads - bring a bit of truth to the firm.


Quinlan faces €5m legal action over yacht debt -> independent.ie/national-news … 16082.html


swop 2 letter and you get SaveStu , now who is Stu ? :wink:


Stuart Pearson?


Quinlan sells up on Shrewsbury


‘Financier Derek Quinlan, who ***fled ***the country’ … very apt title thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Simon Carswell also has a piece on him …

Not so shrewd on Shrewsbury . . . Quinlan’s debts and assets



Quinlan faces huge pain over mansion on the French riviera - Eamon Quinn -> tribune.ie/business/news/art … he-french/


thepost.ie/post/pages/p/whol … qqqx=1.asp

not sure of the best forum but good peice from KB in the SBP

there is more
thepost.ie/post/pages/p/whol … qqqx=1.asp


Derek Quinlan’s pain intensifies. Cap Ferrat is just perfect this time of the year, but may be a bit hot for Derek.



like that quote -

for everyone else buying here it was a case of “If you have to ask you can’t afford it” -
poor Derek was out of his league


So this place is costing him well over half a million in payments per month? That;s what I call a proper mortgage.


sbpost.ie/news/ireland/finan … 53297.html


Quinlan sure could pick them :slight_smile:

Did he make any money on any of his personal private property investments at all or was it all earned as ‘commission’ for those wonderful PE deals. ?


Tchenguiz back with deal for Santander HQ - FT.com

Looks like one of DQ’s biggest deals is being unwound - a real big fella is taking over Tchenguiz

www.ft.com/cms/s/0/36a5ace0-0172-11e0-9 … ab49a.html