The disaster continues.

Citizen’s Radiation map of Japan.

A write up on the different radiation levels.


Zoom out a bit
and you see:

population density:


Considering the average worldwide dosage is 2.4 mSv/year then this legal limit is a bit of a farce. Good job then that they weren’t from Iran* or India* where they could be getting up to 260 mSv/year just by living there.

*Ramasar or Kerala


A link for Mikewest’s info. Background Radiation -Wikipedia

If they were from Ramasar or Kerala they would likely be better off because they would have some degree of Radioresistance, the “property of organisms that are capable of living in environments with very high levels of ionizing radiation.”


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@Coles2 please read that little bit near the top of the article that gives the average exposure worldwide and reconcile with a “legal” limit of 1 mSv. Oh and if you don’t believe Wikipedia about the “average” value these guys apparently agree rpop.iaea.org/RPOP/RPoP/Content/InformationFor/Patients/radiation-terms.htm although personally I would rather believe Wikipedia.
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guardian.co.uk/business/2011 … -shutdowns


Collapse Of The Nuclear Empire, Double Or Quits For Nuclear Business, -Market Oracle


Ft Calhoun, Nebraska.


Water Encircles Nuclear Plant, -Wall Street Journal.


Taking the piss.

Fukushima residents’ urine now radioactive, - The Japan Times.


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Meanwhile in the USA

Nebraska Residents in No Danger After Floods Hit Nuke Plant: Waters Breach Berm at Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station -> abcnews.go.com/US/floods-hit-nuk … d=13932406

Los Alamos Fire Causes Evacuation, Threatens Nuclear Facility -> secaucusnewjersey.org/los-al … -1056.html



Emails between HMG and the Nuclear industry following the Tsunami, released under FOI. Getting the ‘lines’ straight.