But their ‘China’ is the Atlantic Ocean!


I’m still in the States and this story is definitely becoming more mainstream and also attracting a few crackpots, suggestions on some radio station that it might be better to bomb Fukushima, and hope the radiation stays local !!!


Sending** ‘Edrona Gay’ **over, perhaps?!


bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-1 … eanup.html


I think the phrase is, “Healer, heal thyself !

Hanford was a superfund site, in recognition of the fact that it was one of the most contaminated locations on the face of the earth, & also that it’s right on the Columbia River which provides water to a lot of the US North West. They’ve all the know how required to clean up the waste, but no money, According to Wiki, “and an estimated $115 billion more required”, to cleanup the site !

Isn’t that about the cost of our Banking collapse ?

Just goes to show how big a number it is !


It puts the nuclear industry into quite a terrifying light to think that Tepco are going to Hanford for advice. Hanford is an unmitigated disaster that will unfold over hundreds of years, they are no more on top of the situation there than they seem to be in Japan.

Hanford has 8 nuclear reactors along the river, some entirely deactivated and some in use. The river is probably the most important river in the US as far as fresh water and irrigation for food goes.


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Tepco Bond Risk Rises as It Seeks to Avoid Third Straight Loss - -> bloomberg.com/news/2013-08-1 … -loss.html


Look at the damage from our property tsunami:

112 Billion Dollar = 83 billion euro.
Japan has a population of 128 million
=> .65 million per head

ESB pension fund deficit is at least 1.7 billion
Ireland has a population of 4.6 million.
=> .37 million per head.

WTF ???



You’ve a few too many zeros…
83,000,000,000 / 128,000,000 = €650 not 0.65 million.
Similarly €370 per head for the pension fund deficit.


**Fukushima leak is ‘much worse than we were led to believe’ **



Absolutlely positively the last time I will do calculations on the laptop while in the toilet. :blush:


‘Water Storage Nightmare’: Bolts in Fukushima tanks will corrode in just a few years, plant workers reveal — “Tepco says it doesn’t know how long tanks will hold” -Reuters - -> enenews.com/nightmare-bolts-fuku … ld-reuters

Meanwhile in Tepco management


Fukushima operator pleads for international help as radiation crisis deepens - -> rt.com/news/fukushima-internatio … ign=chrome



PBS: 30 times more strontium-90 than cesium at Fukushima… and strontium is “much more dangerous… this is a problem” — Researchers far from plant “surprised by how much continuing radioactivity they found” — Like “ongoing experiment” -> enenews.com/pbs-30-times-stronti … ment-video


Is there any clear idea of how this is going to end? Is there a threat to the US West Coast? Genuine threat that is not Russia Todays hysterical “reports”.


An alternative view:

atomicinsights.com/fear-mongerin … more-13598


That guy should go there and drink the water and show everyone that he trusts TEPCO’s numbers. Who would be the ‘nutty activist’ then?




That didn’t take long, did it?

Fukushima water radiation levels soaring, - RTE


Fucking hell, now the water is engaged in uncontrolled reactions. What do they do now? Ice cubes? Shaped like hearts maybe?