Funny Ancedote about Celtic Pup.

From today’s IT mag.

Full story is here. Click to enlarge it:

WARNING: If you read the full article you may wish to insert ground glass
into your eyes to ease the pain.

Urban myth?

Overblown a tad, but the stereotype does exist, you will see them in Dundrum today, can’t miss them, gross over application of makeup and sounding like a cross between Sabrina the teenage Witch meets the D4 accent. (eww gross) as they follow the leader (the one with the most shopping bags) acround the center.

I wonder how long until this strategy turns up on…

Yes, I believe this will silence skeptics who said that the “rent a room” strategy was not an option for those purchasing 1 bed apartments :slight_smile:

Agreed, the article is cringe-inducing. But as GB says, you can experience the real thing in Dundrum. And it’s not just teens who behave like this, but people who are considerably older and should know better.

The anecdote in question sounds like an urban myth, but I know at least two couples who recently purchased houses in Dundrum for pretty substantial amounts, largely on the basis that it’s a great place to shop. The centre may be new and shiny now, but in 10+ years it will no doubt have been superseded by some other imitation of an American mall located elsewhere in South Dublin.

He he brilliant I love it! I’m from Dundrum and have seen what the writer is talking about, its scary to imagine what these spoilt teens will turn into as adults.

I plan on having more money than my parents did while I was growing up but there’s not a chance that my children will be given that kind of luxury and designer gear, they need to understand the value of hard-earned cash like my not so spoilt generation!

To be honest I spent xmas at home watching MTV and Super Sweet 16 ( I only have two channels by choice where I live) and I was mesmerised by the behaviour of both the kids, and worse, the parents.

There was even an Irish episode with a guy from Dundalk.
Priceless stuff, i’m sure the article above isn’t too far off the truth. … 25398.html

Celtic Pup…The SINDO’s got it’s finger on the pulse.

Note: it’s in the news section, it’s not some Ross O’Carroll Kelly style satirical piece.

And a few lines down from it:

More Irish shopaholics are seeking professional help

Who wrote the piece? (I can’t see a tag line).

It seems to be saying that we will be able to spend our way out of recession! What a load of rubbish. You can’t out-sentiment basic problems like credit contraction, high oil/commodity prices, US recession.

? I thought a strong euro was bad in particular for certain industries, but in general, in a time of high commodity prices, it tends towards price stability and prevents rampant consumer price inflation (which could lead to a price-wage spiral). So a strong euro, in my book, is, in general, a good thing?

Or am I barking?
Woof, woof.

Who else could possibly have written such a worthless piece of crap? … spaper.pdf

It looks very “Brendan O’Connor” God forbid that in addition to the real thing the indo is spawning Brendan O’Connoralikes!

Ya beat me to it Verb, must learn to type faster!

Did he mention how the smart ballsy guys who took his property investment advice last year are getting on? Did he?

The last paragraph gives it away, who else would write such incoherent rubbish? Future editor of the Sindo in the making there.

That really is a staggering piece of ill thought out, irresponsible, ill-conceived, horse manure of the highest order. Staggering.

Its a toss up between him & Bertie for “first against the wall” :unamused:

(Japan Has national Treasures)

On Planet Ireland:

The National Tool Award 2007 goes to … “Brendan O’Conor” for the 6th year running {applause}… “Thank you, thank you… but you’re all a bunch of W*****s now get out and shop!!!”

(any sight of some pop slop book on the horizon for BOC… book burnings are back in vogue i hear :smiling_imp: )

And who could be responsible for this? Surely not BOC and his colleagues?