Furious African Parisian Cyclist Man-They-them-go-they goes Bananas and attacks the Tram

One African man in a non-peaceful protest against Luas Line Tram infrastructure.


Since when do we drive on the right in Ireland?
What sort of bullshit is this to be posting?

Maybe it’s not the Luas then, maybe you could go find out and update us all.

Maybe you could use your head before posting.

The title could easily have been “Man forces …”

Maybe you can put your finger over the screen to hide the wrong-think-hate-word.

Any updates?

Can we learn anything from this?

Yea I’d say front mounted machine guns or maybe lasers on the front Luas carriage, if they can’t afford that bull bars, or if going cost effective a front mounted grass mowing unit.

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A better one would be “nutter thinks he’s a tram!”

Our undocumented Africans are much better “integrated”. We have a “Minister for Integration” called Roderick O’Gorman. He promised them all own door accommodation and so we only get the easiest to integrate. Wonderful Strategist.

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