So, after a couple of months of not all that much happening, my house purchase is starting to move along very quickly and it’ll probably be closing next week.

This may seem like a silly question, but where do I get furniture? I’ve been renting since I moved out of my mum’s place a decade or so ago, so it has never really been an issue before.

I’m looking to at least get a bed and a sofa to start with, and hopefully fairly quickly. I was thinking of Ikea, but I don’t really have time to be assembling stuff right now; getting the time to just move will be hard enough. Not too worried about cost, though I don’t want to spend silly money. Where should I be looking for decent-quality bed, sofa etc. who can deliver fairly quickly?

I don’t have to move as soon as I get my keys, as I have to give my current landlord six weeks notice anyway, but I would like to get it done quickly.

Golden Pages - Furniture Shops

Arnotts have a decent furniture department but there’s a fairly long lead in time on most stuff.
IKEA for immediate delivery is probably your best bet.
I think you’re going to have to do some assembly wherever you buy unless you pay extra and I’m pretty sure you can pay people to assemble IKEA stuff for you.

IKEA and invite your friends for a housewarming/ furniture assembly party. :smiley: 8DD

You provide the furniture and nibbbles, they provide the labour and wine.

Not too much of the last, mind, otherwise you might end up with furniture that looks like this. XD

Very hard to beat IKEA for quality and value for money. Styles can be limited though.

Ikea is hit and miss. Some of its stuff is fine, and almost everything is cheap, but lots of it is very poor quality mdf / laminate. There is also quite a bit of labour involved in assembling some of the items (sometimes quite small things, like a bedside locker). Wardrobes in particular seem poor value and unlikely to last.

I would instead look on donedeal for vintage/antique chests of drawers, which can be quite cheap, and likely to be solid wood and much better quality. Maybe some wardrobes and a kitchen or dining table too.

Places like bargaintown can be good for beds, sofas etc, and comparable prices to Ikea.

I agree. Loads of solid wood furniture on donedeal and adverts.

Great place up in sandyford, on way to the tile market, not sure of road, could be maple, just turn in at spirit/ford motor company opposite dunnes beacon and there is a fantastic furniture shop selling all solid wood furniture, sideboards, chest of drawers, wardrobes, beds, the man is lovely too, all ex clearys stuff…great value, lovely smell in shop of real wood, quality etc

For the basics it’s great. Plus if you want to sell items on it’s easy to attach the model number and measurements from the Ikea website to your facebook page. The last move where we had to sell furniture the Ikea stuff was snapped up, some items going for 60% what we paid for them originally. Plus if you’ve got awkward access being able to reassemble is a relief when moving.

DON’T buy from the likes of Argos, B&Q, the sofa stores that are always advertising or anywhere selling “cheap” furniture. Whatever you buy should be affordable but good quality, I have made the mistake of buying cheap a number of times when I thought I only needed stuff short term but it was the worst form of false economy I have ever made. Ikea does some good quality reasonably priced stuff. This guy is worth a drive (very easy to find, just follow M4/N4 till you pass Longford) for quality beds etc.

I always felt there was a lot of messing in the Dublin furniture market - very little real competition. Lots of hefty deposits for ordering from catalogues with very undependable delivery times promised. Maybe it has changed since I was more active in that market.

I found these guys quite good:

I am a big fan of the Ikea wardrobes. Nothing wrong with MDF or chipboard. It isn’t “fitted wardrobes” of course so might require some creativity regarding sizes, but the variety of doors and interiors for the quality and price is unbeatable.
The drawer runners for example are in my opinion one of the best quality out their.

The best thing of good value IMHO from IKEA…
Solid wood and available from 15 yoyos

Diamond Furniture on the long mile road or close to there are a good balance of quality and affordability in my opinion

Bought a solid wood wardrobe, lockers and chest of drawers from Michael Murphy furniture in Sandyford industrial estate, seems good quality, think they have a branch in Newbridge too.

Bought table and chairs in Kian Furniture on Kylemore Road, they had a lot of unusual bits there too along with the more standard stuff. Excellent customer service from both.

Agree that IKEA is a real mixed bag, depends on the item.

Agreed. Bought a cream leather three-seater and a two-seater in 2005 and they still looks great. Very well made, modern/Italian looking which was rare at the time.

That EZ Living place in Sandyford beside IKEA seems to have good prices and a large range.

I wouldn’t rule out Harvey Norman - bought some single beds there and they’re solid.

Anyone remember FOKO in George’s Street? Bought some standalone shelving units there about 15 years ago and they’ve worn very well. (Kind of like IKEA Expedit.)

We still have some Habitat stuff which was expensive but long lasting.

Thanks all. Might go with IKEA for bed, anyway; I can take my time and look around a bit more for other stuff.

Be careful. Some of their beds are overly complex to construct simply because of the systemisations which are really inefficient with some of their designs.

Also they no longer stock their synthetic latex mattresses. These are great. Heavy, but great.

I recently purchased one of their other foam mattresses and they are not as good. In fact they are a totally different experience. Also they no longer supply flat slats as an option.

Ikea have introduced more sizes in sync with Irish bed sizes, whereas before I think they had less sizes which were more universal Ikea sizes.

One thing I think as a bedding product that is severely overpriced for it’s spec and material are the mattress toppers. There are cheaper ways to get the same effect.

Ikea seem to have rationalised a few aspects of their designs lines, some of which I find ugly compared to what they had before.

I’m an oddball when it comes to beds and furniture so I’ll leave it at that, you might find something that is truly amazing for you.

The key to a happy life is knowing how to get in and out of Ikea in about 15 minutes and imparting that knowledge to the person you are sending in place of you. BD

On the plus side IKEA operate guaranteed next day delivery, on the negative side if that doesn’t suit you then tough, it’s coming anyway. :open_mouth: