Further state agencies face dissolution or mergers

How will the mergers of state bodies affect public spending & staff numbers?

  • Decrease spending & staff numbers
  • Make no difference to spending & staff numbers
  • Increase spending & staff numbers
  • Other (please specify)

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Headline sounded promising, but then looking at what they are planning to do, it sounds like another fiasco along the lines of merging the regional health boards into the HSE - i.e. increasing the overall numbers involved in managing the health service.

So as per poll, what effect do you think this will have on government finances? I suspect we will have a short term increase in pay.

Increase spending as the boards of these organisations are paid off. No difference in ‘frontline’ staff numbers. Increased administrators, HR, IT support, gardeners…

It should reduce spending and staff numbers (in a rational world), but as the purpose of these agencies is not to actually deliver public goods and services, but to buy votes, then spending and numbers will continue to increase until eventually a tipping point is reached and the parasite kills the host.