Fury at French leads to consideration of cut in CT

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That’s what I recommended a long time ago.

Yeah, I reckon that rather than reducing the headline rate, we start to introduce massive job subsidies offset against CT. Allow an effective rate of zero if there are enough jobs at certain salary brought in.

Fair enough. Certainly a better way to try to create jobs that the Labour farce of stealing from private pensions. :unamused:

I’ve been thinking a long the same lines myself. Seems like a good idea on the face of it.

Then add a cap on total personal income tax payable, income tax to include income tax itself and all levies etc.

And then maybe we could set up a special fund, paying multinationals a premium of, say, 10% of their profits. We could fund it out of cuts to hospitals and education and the like. Would really show Europe who they’re dealing with.

Also, we need to reform Profit Switching Transfer Pricing so that everybody can divert their profits to the bahamas and pay a real corporate tax rate of no more than 2.5%. Oh no, sorry, that’s the situation as it stands. Silly me.

Say nothin shure.


Ah the roll eyes counter argument. Got me there.

I accrue my profits in Country A. I use that country’s infrastructure, all the state services provided by the country, provided from limited and now scarce resources, and I declare my profits in Country B, to avoid paying back to Country A for the use of their services and infrastructure.

But don’t let the morality of the situation come into it boys. Carry on.

Can’t be bothered to reply. Here’s another one for you :unamused:

While I don’t necessarily disagree with you, your supporting argument is bunk.

What services and infrastructure are involved in selling software or advertising space on the internet?

Said I wouldn’t bother replying :blush:

For example, I have a foreign owned company that pays close on a mill in CT. Employs a few people here. Pays 10.75% EMPRS PRSI on the employes salaries and of course the employees pay tax like everybody else for the services/infrastructure, etc (crappy as they are) that ehy might use. The company itself pays for the services it uses (prof fees, rent, etc). The company ITSELF will not use the roads, hospitals, ever look for dole etc. So what’s your fucking point? This company is in effect gifting this banana kip a mill each year. :unamused: :unamused: (Right that’s enough of those).

Anyway back to making money…



Governments do not create jobs, except wasteful, expensive, famine-relief, make-work, pointless public service jobs.

All governments can do is to create an environment where jobs can be created - low cost of employment, low cost of operating, low cost of failure. 70% of employees work in small companies that are being fucked by high costs as the expensive public service has failed to adjust to the new realities.

Force local authorities to drop rates by 5% a year for the next 5 years and let them introduce efficiencies rather than sitting on a outdated, underworked, bloated bolus of personnel.

Force service providers like ESB, Bord Gais and others to introduce verifiable cost savings annually.

Taxes are elastic. Reduce them and you will get more. Just like airline ticket prices.

Tell Sarko to va te faire foutre, putain d’espèce d’enculé.


Of course not. We collect corporation tax and use it to provide essential infrastructure.

Or indeed, we pay electricity bills…

States provide the rule of law.
States provide the protection of private property.
States provide the agreed framework for contracts between parties.

You may consider these as intangible but you don’t see a lot of FDI in Somalia.

The maintenance of this order has a cost. It is in the form of taxation.

Finally, states provide education/training for the employees of corporations. The initial risk (training cost) is borne by the state and it extracts a return (income tax/corporation tax) from the beneficiaries (employees/employers).

To nip the truism of, “I don’t have any kids. Why should I pay tax for education?” consider this. You are not paying for this generations education, you are paying for your own, and you’re well behind on the payments.

[code]senior political figures are not ruling out the possibility that the under-fire Irish corporation tax rate of 12.5 per cent might be cut to 10 per cent or an even lower rate

They added: “When that little man (Nicolas Sarkozy) came here, he gave us absolute assurances.”
The little man who’s now providing funds to pay a sizeable chunk of the speaker’s salary.

The senior political figure I’m guessing has to be Phil Hogan. Not sure who else would be both ignorant and tall enough to come out with the statements.

MNCs clearly wouldn’t mind seeing the rate dropping below 12.5% but they’d not welcome a short term ill-conceived take-the-ball-away proposal designed to antagonize Germany and France.