Future shock programme frm a few months back.

My fast fading memory of this much slated programme was that it was based on two premises, one oil at $100.00 a barrel (Currently $95) and the dollar at $1.50 to the euro (currently $1.45) time for a re run. Or has my memory paid tricks on me again

Here is said program - dynamic.rte.ie/av/228-2239098.smil [realplayer required]

Considering its Halloween, the background music is apt.
The bit you want is 46:15 minutes in

and the follow up on Primetime (Morgan Kelly vs Jim Power)
dynamic.rte.ie/av/230-2239303.smil [realplayer required]

Pretty sure they had the EUR/USD rate at 1.70 in the show? Don’t have realplayer on this machine so can’t check

From memory they had predicted those things(dollar and oil) to be around those levels heading into '09 on an upward slope.

To date, its been happening hell of alot faster, $1.50 is within sight and so it that $100 a barrel for oil.

Makes you think, that they were sorta factual in their predictions and were slated by VI considering the likes of Waterford crystal using it as an excuse to shed jobs now!

Yeh part of it at least…

‘Despite a series of cash injections, the slumping value of the dollar is eating away at how much Waterford Wedgwood gets for its products.’


Xe is giving 1 euro as 1.47 dollars

oil IS 100 dollars a barrel now.

hmmmn, didnt alot of people say that show was far out fiction

Well a lot of people do/did believe that they could afford 10x their salaries for mortgages, new cars every year, etc., etc., .

It’s no surprise to anyone who simply stays in the real world; the real world is also not very nice if you’ve been living in fantasy land for a few years, it’s like an alcoholic quitting the drink.

At the time, I argued that the programme was not a prediction, it was a hypothetical scenario. So there was little point in the bulls rubbishing it with “we’ll never see $1.50 to the euro” etc, because it never claimed to be prophecising about currency rates, it was purely taking a single hypothetical scenario to expose our over-reliance on construction.

But bloody hell - even I’m shocked by how their hypothetical scenario has played out in reality!!!

Richard Curran was treated like a heretic during the Salem Witch trials for what he was saying whereas Eddie Hobbs was lauded for his ridiculous “hard soft landing” comments…

I can see a movie here,
(In a very deep American voice over)
“All seems well in the Irish Property Market, SUVs roam the suburbs and by-roads of the Celtic tiger.
Deep beneath the waters of content the dangers of the credit crunch, loose lending and rising interest rates lurk menacingly……
Only one man has more than eyes, he has vision. Step forward Richard Curran……… the Oracle…… Every Generation has their hero”
It’s the first Friday in Jan I’m entitled to come up with crap like that :slight_smile:


How can I get in and browse what to watch where you pulled these links from?

You might try Real Alternative, rather than having to use the free version of realplayerhere. If you opt for realplayer then be aware it is spyware, you should read how to “Stop Real Player From Spying On You”.

Given your nickname I expect you are in the US and RTE may have barred IP ranges in some geographical regions, so you may need to go through an Irish proxy to view the streaming media. I’m not aware of any public proxies that allow you to do this in Ireland.

speculation on the price of crude oil to double!!!
it might have an effect on the price of a house in Gorey!