G20 - 2022 Restructuring "Our" World

Representative of the Deep Fake Multi Kyrisis speaks:

“…Deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world”

G20 - BREAKING: leaders have just signed a declaration which states that vaccine passports will be adopted to “facilitate” all international travel

This means any vaccination the WHO determines you should have.

Changing your rights & freedoms forever.

Silence from the media.


But this will never happen in EU because of course free movement of people

That’ll be ‘facilitated’ too.

‘The implication is if you don’t have your electronic vaccine certificate on your phone, then you won’t be able to leave your home. It’s very sinister.’

They locked you down, killed granny, masked you & jabbed you, for all this, this is your reward.

Src: https://twitter.com/wolsned/status/1593681012927696897