Gallery Quay, Grand Canal Dock

Hi all, I’m a first time buyer looking to buy an apartment in Grand Canal Dock, Gallery Quay.

I read some old articles from 2014 with some building issues however haven’t found anything more recent.
Also found this: 26 Gallery Quay, Pearse St, D 2 - #3 by SoCoDu but it’s quite old.

Have you heard of any problems with the building recently? Or not so recently? Fire safety issues, water leaks, anything really that could be a problem for the bank to issue a mortgage and for me to live there?

Thanks a million!

Had a friend renting here. Had to move out due to mould after 9 months. He pitied the poor landlord and it was not going to be a cheap job to fix he reckoned.

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From what I see they can be only purchased with cash (no mortgage) due to structural defects with the windows. Prices are lower than neighbouring buildings because of this.