Galway and pooled rental madness

Has anyone else on lookout in Galway think that the daft report for Galway average prices is being badly distorted by those dozen “cheap” Glean na Ri “pooled rental” apartments bring down the average prices in Galway (who the hell invented and who the hell falls for a pooled rental “scheme” which only lines the pockets of management company)
example: … y/1031332/

If you strip those away, one is left with almost nothing when house hunting here, there are a few cheap semi’ds and terraced homes around the city but in most cases they either need a shit load of work (BER rating of G etc) or are in some awful dodgy areas right out of Big Fat Gypsy wedding.

Anyways what do people make of these pooled rental “schemes”, so many alarm bells went blaring in my head at a viewing telling me to run far far away :open_mouth: , was my fear of it justified? I just can not wrap my head around as to how this even exists, what do Revenue make of these?

What are you on about?
Gleann na Rí is student accommodation built under section 50.

Students are being replaced by nonstudents in order to increase rent as per EA and management company, the appts I seen very definitely did not have any students living in them but normal people

you assume wrong