Galway Co. Co. Map Based Planning Query system...??

I wanted to get some further info on a property that’s advertised with planning permission for a dwelling. Don’t have the exact address for the property - so thought I could get a hold of the relevant planning documents by way of the map based system. Sure enough - found a little dot on the property with the folio number. However, when I stick this into the planning query system search - it seems to be identified as a property out in the sticks - 20-30 miles away! I then checked neighbouring properties - checking the folio number displayed on the mapping against them - and same deal!

Has anyone used this map based search? Am I missing a trick somewhere or is this totally inaccurate?


Map based planning query system.

I can’t find any folio that’s accurate - but perhaps I’m misunderstanding something somewhere? I am assuming that the red diamon shaped icons represent a planning folio. When I hover the cursor over them, it shows what looks like a folio number. However, when I input this into a planning query search, it indicates a planning folio for a property totally unrelated to the one that I was searching for…?

Red outline denotes planning application boundary
When you click on it, the reference brought up should correspond to PA number
Some councils then have all recent documents linked in
LA are very helpful if you go in to planning office

My mistake. I thought that Galway Co.Co. planning would cover both city and county. If I check these folio numbers on the city council site, they’re accurate.

My bad.

This made me laugh :laughing:

Glad to assist with your amusement. However, if they are not available to be viewed via Galway County Council planning query system, then why show them on their mapping system!?

I guess some of you guys have reason to utilise that service on an ongoing basis - I - DON’T - and nor do I live in Galway. So…I don’t feel that foolish :wink: