Galway In Price Drop Shocker … ?id=409439

Obviously still ridiculously overpriced but interesting to see such a drop in a location like this.
A sign of some acceptance perhaps?

Saw that one myself… 960???whether that can be maintained…

Mgmt fees would need to be considered…

There is a few of them around Galway getting into nett yields wirth considering…

FEW!!! Need to see a trend…

Well its fulfils the location location location mantra…cant get better really beside new bus station, 60 secs to eyre square and parking too.
Nothing seems to be shifting though, theres a 3 bed Ground Floor apartment in ballybane still for sale for 90k must be on the market for a few months reduced from about 250k, a section 50 I think.

First half decent apartment offer I have seen in Galway, this should help to bring a few sellers to their senses especially if it sits a while at this price. Furnished, 2 parking spots and a great location for €150 or less, what now a 2 bed in Oranmore or Claregalway??

Imagine that Oranmore etc for apartments would be very hard to shift, doubt even a bank would give a mortgage for them.
Probably refer you to a psychiatric hospital if you asked your bank for a loan for something that far out.
The Elms is as blue chip so to speak as you can get, and its sort of a des res address ,the two parking spots alone are worth 120 euros a month if you rent them out.
Be interesting to see how long it takes to sell, could go more if a bit of bidding starts on it though. … ?id=409439

Owner been reading the Pin perhaps???
Give us a wave :laughing:

They put the price up 45k? Did I miss something

Should be closer to 150k

960x12 = 11520k
Yield 8%
Price = 144,000