Galway News: Builders to slash prices 'to 2003 levels'

According to Joe Duffy the other day 3 bedroom semis in Galway are going for 800k.

Did they cost 730k in 2003?

This 196, BOIREANN BHEAG, Roscam doesn’t seem to be the same developer but at 450k - 70k = 380k I think they’ve a bit to go yet.

Galway City Suburbs
Detached House
Region €450,000 - Finance this property from €1,999 per month *
For Sale by Private Treaty
4 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms

“A unique weekend sale”…

maybe not as unique as you’d hope pal!

Probably not, but don’t forget to adjust for 5 years inflation before comparing prices.

I think this is the development Joe was on about -

From the few pics, it appears to be of a higher spec than your standard 3 bed semi

It wouldn’t be this “SOLD OUT” development would it??? :unamused: … alway.html

The image look the same as the newpaper article at least.

How noble of them

… en all it will do is continue to undermine that magic market “confidence”

Surely they are contradicting themselves…how can a reduction in price boost confidence?

Push down to go up!

(It works for planes on the merrygoround, anyway).


It would be that long “sold out” development indeed.

That is simply too funny. We need a separate thread for things like this.

Why would they advertise it as “sold out” if it wasn’t? I could understand “almost sold out” to give buyers a sense of urgency…

Actually Boirean Bheag is build by O’Malley. I was looking to buy a house there, but it is not yet completed and living in construction site is not an option for me. Other development form them is An Leargan on west side of town, it is also not completed.

Friend of mine bought in Boireann Bheag about 2 years ago. It was sold out about 18 months ago and they got planning for another load of houses and apartments which was to be in a separate estate, but the corpo planners in their infinite wisdom wanted them to join the two and incorporate ‘home zones’ (they’re part of the City Development Plan, presumable available on

Ahhh , sound. Blame the verminous planners , I would 8)

O Malley do finish estates properly, and build fairly properly too. Relatively they are an OK bet nowadays in Galway .


Then again they did build Tirellan albeit when Ireland was a much poorer country.

This appears to be total lies and misleading advertising. As regards the 4 bed detatched houses, as per the Galway City tribune article they are 405k after 70k reduction, currently there are 3 similar secondhand houses on daft one is 395k and another 415k . After 75k off price still 10k more expensive that one for sale secondhand which as a first time buyer no expense in kitting out.
As per Rooney auctioneers above they were launched for 350k in 2004, so they are definitely not 2003 prices at 405k. Outside all that they are only 1400 square feet.