Galway News: Rumours of development collapse 'absolute nonse

I think this is the development that was being referred to in another thread in ‘The Central Bank’ on the Pin.

This is indeed the development referenced in the CB thread where it is not named . They have been chugging away busily there all week .

One small point. The rumours have been doing the rounds for a number of weeks ( not for ‘the past week’ ) .

Other developers are also trying to shift this class of property in a number of parts of the town ranging from the old Habitat store to Knocknacarra to the Headford Road and Tuam Road areas .

It could have been any of them who started it, or none of them !!!

It could have been a retailer looking for some obtuse competitive advantage .

It could have been a bank employee or manager .

It could have been a lead poisoned busybody in Mervue right beside it .

It could in fact have been ANYBODY !!!