Galway Races 2011. It's BAAAAAAAck

The ‘tent’ returns, actually it is a complete hospitality floor ( or two) in the Killanin stand and therefore no longer a tent as such on a minor technicality.

Word around Galway is that FF, faced with a humongous overdraft after the election and with Cowen gone have booked a goodly amount of the Killanin stand in Ballybrit in order to schmooze the sponds. The tent was their single greatest source of funds over the years and in their time of need they are going back to that which works well.

The recession will surely be over by August :smiley:

By August you’ll be able to fit the remaining members of the FF Parliamentary party in telephone box !

You’re not from around here, are you? The dumbass electorate will continue to vote for their local FF TD cause “ah, hes a grand lad, he got my dad a medical card and fixed the potholes”. The Irish get the government they deserve.

I think that FF will be lucky to poll 20% of the 1st preference votes, & they’ll get bupkiss other preferences !

Hanging on to Biffo will take 10% off their vote. Someone did a decent analysis over on & once you look past the ‘safe’ seats, FF will be hanging on fof the final seats in the 5 seaters; beyond that they’ll get nothing !!!

People who before never looked at their ballot sheet are now going out of their way to vote against FF, that’s how bad/good it is.

The other factor, which I haven’t really seen mentioned, is that people who’ve never voted before, or not for years, are making sure they have a vote this time around; & it’s not so they vote for FF. Delaying the GE is actually another shit decision by FF, they’re better off is the same set of voters votes in the next GE, & they definately don’t want Biffo as their Leader.

My Prediction is for FF to get <20% of the seats in the next GE, & only Biffo, the perjurer & Kirk & one or two others to get elected in the first 1-2 seats in their constituances.