Galway - Rates to apply to vacant premises.

Here’s an interesting article in the Connacht Sentinel, May 11th 2010.

It’s refreshing to see this presented as a positive move. No doubt there’ll be some annoyed letters to the Editor from the advertisers on the property pages.

Unfortunately they overstate the benefit of it, as it won’t benefit businesses in existing upward only leases.

But do they? Anyone know?

Coles2 to Pinsters. Come in Pinsters. Over.

I know that DCC apply rates to vacant premises. You pay the full rates for the unit but if it is vacant for the year you get half the money back. In summary, you pay half rates on a vacant premises. I believe the other Dublin councils operate in a similar way.

Many thanks, AH Guy.

Here’s some info from Dublin City Council.

Cork City Council do levy rates on vacant business premises.
When the legislation(plural) was enacted in the 30s & 40s, it named Dublin, Cork, Limerick as the cities where rates could be levied on vacant commercial premises.
It is estimated that Galway misses out on a €1m revenue stream by being unable to tax empty premises.

Some very prominent business names in Galway will be walloped by this move. There are premesis in the city that were never occupied at all. eg >

I’ll believe it when the story makes the the Tuam Herald.

The NIB premises next to this building will soon be empty.

Has the North Point park on the Tuam road managed to get tenants in?

Baily Point in Salthill is mostly empty.

What about the ‘techworks’ place above the new coach station, any tenants?

Be more or less a no to all of those Magpie.