Game - What Animals Could we eat?

Meat is good.
What could we eat & how would you prepair it?

The Chinese Eat Dogs, & Insects as part of the daily diet.
Australian Aborigines eat cats.
Plenty of stories of starving people eating rats.

Rabbits were once popular, but mixomitosis took them off the menu.

in the Irish Context What could we consider?

Eachother, Kent Brockman style.


Popular in a number reduction context, dubious nutritionally and probably not palatable, but no one would be ringin’ Joe Duffy if you started with;

That horrible yappy Jack Russell from No.29

Since when did we have a ‘Food’ forum ?
I could eat a piston right about now.

Hmm I believe Swift dealt with this comprehensively some time back…


OW says we are doomed.

We have too many cats around the place at the mo - DSPCA and Cats Aid refuse to take in the strays from my garden, so, I am fattening them up for Christmas!

If this rain keeps up there should be plenty of snails around?

Anyone know the best way to cook a Leprechaun?

Elect Fianna Fail

I wonder how long those Deer in the Phoenix park are going to last at this rate.

Pigeon Looks interesting, P
are they really flying rats & foll of disease or can you make a good meal from them?

Country ones are better. Ticker ankles…

How do you cook a cattle? :blush:

Steer it into the pot. Ok Ok :-GC

They’re still popular, at least in some restaurants … … menus.html
(sample lunch menu)

You can still eat the meat as far as I know.

Rabbit is good; wild ones are much tastier than the farmed ones, but smaller.
grouse, mallard, pheasant, partridge, teal, canada goose, grey squirrel (they’ re vermin, really).
Pretty much all freshwater fish are edible and palatable, people here just aren’t in the habit of eating them apart from trout.

One thing to remember about rats: rat poison accumulates in their bodies. Homeless Poles in London have already found this out the hard way.

I imagine that Wild Duck is good to eat, What about Swans?

Yup, though be careful near the border. In the UK, I think only the Queen is allowed to eat swan. (same goes for whales)

There would appear to be a quantity of them abroad in them thare hills.

anyone see the movie into the wild?
I know the movie dramatized it but that ^^ is what he died of in reality