GameStop - It's all Trumps fault... ordinary folk are making a killing



Its ridiculous, blatant market manipulation in favour of short sellers.




So will they start to hit those looking to buy or sell silver pre-emotively? :whistle:

I see it’s just had a little magic touch :kiss:


“Its ok when we destroy business, and short them to oblivion, free market bro”

“Nooooo, you cant hammer our short positions, market manipulation, SEC, SEC SEC…”




Have they made a tactical error here… such is the nature of panic and revealing the true nature of things, i.e. Whack a Mob - perhaps the mob has made off with a hefty war-chest and incredible levels of morale now they know they can out run and out gun the enemy, and are already engaged in the the next hit, with the taste of revenge in the air! :ninja:



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Revolut now not accepting trades of GME

Etoro still working.


So they’re maybe holding the line and not selling and they can’t get the GME price down, is that right, tomorrow is D-Day?

It’s was gong down not it’a back up over 270… :ninja:


Interesting post. Explains Robinhoods collusion, that rest of MSM and market has followed would point to it being far far more incestuous than meets the eye…

" CITADEL pays Robinhood for their order flows, about 40% of CITADEL revenue is from Robinhood. CITADEL has HUGE short positions on GME. This is collusion and manipulation on a massive scale."

Citadel owner Ken Griffin

“Just build your own trading platform, just build your own bank…”

The total decentralisation and deregulation of finance cannot come soon enough


Just hold the position and Citadel via Melvin, will just keep bleeding, all the way with the price… the strategy of blocking new purchases can only work if the holders of the stock bottle it.


I was waiting for a quip like this! :rofl:


When Robinhood turns out to be Sheriff of Nottingham.


Approx one hour later, an answer arrived!


JUST IN - Class action complaint filed in the southern district of New York against@RobinhoodApp (via Fox@LJMoynihan)


5:03 PM · Jan 28, 2021



It’s a beautiful thing is Karma.


When Ted Cruz and AOC, possibly the two most ideologically polarised figures in Congress and confirmed enemies, are both publicly backing the little guys here you know something is up.


Its just brilliant.


I saw a nice interview via twitter earlier, can’t find it again, but did find this video by the same guy…


Will people wake up… idk. The likes of IROPS, MIFID exist to benefit to 1%, there is more talk of regulation than deregulation at the moment, thats the narrative. eg:

Add to that a tax system which does not aid an individual who trades or invests outside of a pension or company…


Some margin calls but some not - forced by Robinhood to sell their stock?

I’m having flashbacks to eircom shares :icon_eek:


Seen on Gab…