GameStop - It's all Trumps fault... ordinary folk are making a killing



I’m seeing chatter online connecting the dot finally that @poacher connected a long time ago, Occupy wall street was growing legs, then suddenly along came identity politics and sat in-between us.

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I feel this, I was a sophomore in high school when the 07-08’ crash. My mom lost her job and I watched her go through her life savings to support our house. I was always wondering when our family was going to get help and the help never came. To add insult to injury I saw ws get billion dollar bail outs and spin the story on poor people. This is the first time in my 30years of life I’ve ever seen ws feel the same pain and worry my mother felt. IM ALL IN TOMORROW. This is personal. The same children they robbed 13 years ago grew up and we have money now ourselves


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An Open Letter to Melvin Capital, CNBC, Boomers, and WSB

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I was in my early teens during the '08 crisis. I vividly remember the enormous repercussions that the reckless actions by those on Wall Street had in my personal life, and the lives of those close to me. I was fortunate - my parents were prudent and a little paranoid, and they had some food storage saved up. When that crisis hit our family, we were able to keep our little house, but we lived off of pancake mix, and powdered milk, and beans and rice for a year. Ever since then, my parents have kept a food storage, and they keep it updated and fresh.

Those close to me, my friends and extended family, were not nearly as fortunate. My aunt moved in with us and paid what little rent she could to my family while she tried to find any sort of work. Do you know what tomato soup made out of school cafeteria ketchup packets taste like? My friends got to find out. Almost a year after the crisis’ low, my dad had stabilized our income stream and to help out others, he was hiring my friends’ dads for odd house work. One of them built a new closet in our guest room. Another one did some landscaping in our backyard. I will forever be so proud of my parents, because in a time of need, even when I have no doubt money was still tight, they had the mindfulness and compassion to help out those who absolutely needed it.

To Melvin Capital: you stand for everything that I hated during that time. You’re a firm who makes money off of exploiting a company and manipulating markets and media to your advantage. Your continued existence is a sharp reminder that the ones in charge of so much hardship during the '08 crisis were not punished. And your blatant disregard for the law, made obvious months ago through your (for the Melvin lawyers out there: alleged) illegal naked short selling and more recently your obscene market manipulation after hours shows that you haven’t learned a single thing since '08. And why would you? Your ilk were bailed out and rewarded for terrible and illegal financial decisions that negatively changed the lives of millions. I bought shares a few days ago. I dumped my savings into GME, paid my rent for this month with my credit card, and dumped my rent money into more GME (which for the people here at WSB, I would not recommend). And I’m holding. This is personal for me, and millions of others. You can drop the price of GME after hours $120, I’m not going anywhere. You can pay for thousands of reddit bots, I’m holding. You can get every mainstream media outlet to demonize us, I don’t care. I’m making this as painful as I can for you.

To CNBC: you must realize your short term gains through promoting institutions’ agenda is just that - short term. Your staple audience will soon become too old to care, and the millions of us, not just at WSB but every person affected by the '08 crash that’s now paying attention to GME, are going to remember how you stuck up for the firms that ruined so many of us, and tried to tear down the little guys. I know for sure I’ll remember this. In response, here is a list of CNBC sponsors and partners. They include, but are not limited to, IBM , Cisco , TMobile , JPMorgan , Oracle , and ZipRecruiter . Their parent company is NBCUniversal, owned by Comcast and GE .

To the boomers, and/or people close to that age, just now paying attention to these “millennial blog posts”: you realize that, even if you weren’t adversely effected by the '08 crash, your children and perhaps grandchildren most likely were? We’re not enemies, we’re on the same side . Stop listening to the media that’s making us out to be market destroyers, and start rooting for us, because we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to punish the sort of people who caused so much pain and stress a decade ago, and we’re taking that opportunity. Your children, your grandchildren, might have suffered as I described because of the institutions that we’re fighting against. You really want to choose them, over your own family and friends? We’re not asking you to risk your 401k or retirement fund on a single GME bet. We’re just asking you to be understanding, supportive, and to not support the people that caused so much suffering a decade ago.

To WSB: you all are amazing. I imagine that I’m not the only one that this is personal for. I’ve read myself so many posts on what you guys went through during the '08 crash. Whether you’re here for the gains, to stick it to the man as I am, or just to be part of a potentially market changing movement - thank you. Each and every one of you are the reason that we have this chance. I’ve never felt this optimistic about the future before. This is life changing amounts of money for so many of you, and to be part of a rare instance of a wealth distribution from the rich to the poor is just incredible. I love you all.

Note: I can’t seem to get a hold of mods and they keep fucking removing the post. I have no idea how to get this to stick and its important to me that the people I’m addressing read it.


Who could have imagined Google doing such a thing, albeit Google Ventures was the initial investor in Robinhood but I can’t see that influencing their decision in any way.


Black Rock bought 13% GME on the 26th


Who is Black Rock.


So, first off, the SEC may be investigating market manipulation of GameStop stock!!

Not the short selling. The reddit retail buys.

Guess who has just been named as Acting Director of the Enforcement Division of the SEC?


They seem to be everywhere.


BlackRock is the new squid in town



Sorry not a twat so no link


2:40 for a quick précis as to why Yellen may be in breach of her own ethics agreement… sed qui custodiet ipsos custodes…

“Jen Psaki admitted from the podium in the Press room that Janet Yellen, who is compromised, is handling a situation involving a company that she received a large amount of money from, recently. That’s in your face!”


Not a lot of sympathy out there…


In the panic, they used the deck…

Meanwhile, the (non-profit) Coalition for a Safe Web sues Apple to get Telegram removed. :whistle:

US-based nonprofit sues Apple to REMOVE Telegram over failure to censor ‘hate speech,’ cites Parler crackdown

“Telegram currently serves as the preferred Neo-Nazi/white nationalist communications channel, fanning anti-Semitic and anti-black incitement during the current wave of protests across America,” the lawsuit argues. It alleges that the privacy-focused messaging app is poised to become an even bigger breeding ground for extremist content as users “migrate to Telegram” after Big Tech’s crackdown on Parler, booted from Apple and Google stores for giving a platform to some of the pro-Trump supporters that stormed the US Capitol.

Ginsberg, who is a co-plaintiff in the suit, notes that in a letter to Apple in July he already asked the tech behemoth to pull Telegram to hold its “financial feet to the fire,” but has received no reply. The former US official, who is Jewish, argues that Apple’s inaction has caused him “emotional distress” through the use of his iPhone. Ginsberg estimated damages he allegedly suffered as a result of Apple’s perceived leniency towards the messaging app at over $75,000.

“By continuing to host Telegram on the Apple App Store, Defendant facilitates religious threats against him and his family that has caused Ambassador Ginsberg to fear for his life,” the complaint charges.

Guides like this have appeared for those who think Apple may remove the app from their phone.

… but the market, consumer choice, freedom of expression, the right to choose…



I’m iOS 11.4 still, don’t have that screen time thing to use that workaround… so can they still do an auto delete on my phone?


Coordinated global Silver pump by global media outlets.

[Don’t think they’re buying it…:man_shrugging: ]



I seem to remember that Max Keiser tried to start a silver pump-n- dump a few years ago to flush out the short sellers.

I don’t remember it achieving much.



Revolut declining any additional AMC or GME trades. Can only liquidate positions.


“Refunds to users whose positions were closed due to the stop loss error on Monday February 1, 2021 is complete.”

Etoro automatically stop lossed countless accounts due to a “bug”. Weird how none of these institutional errors, funding issues etc go the way of those squeezing the shorts. It always falls the way of the institutional investor.


“the entire industry is wiped out”

Demand for Physical Silver, over the weekend, online seller stopped taking orders. The demand went to the moon. Cleaning out inventory.

Supply & Demand ain’t what it use to be… :whistle:


I had wondered about Musk, seemed odd given his family, but now :eyes: here…

“I love how the celebrity CEO says he is for the retail investor, but was behind the 500K dump of stock in that inflated company that netted him $187M late yesterday. He knew they were going to shut off the spigots today.”