Garage Reconversion

Does anybody know anything about the planning situation for returning a converted garage to its original use?

This is all hypothetical, but if I were to find a house for sale that ticked all the right boxes for me, except that somebody had turned the attached garage into another room, how difficult would it be to restore it? Would I need to apply for planning permission? How likely would it be to be granted?

At last - someone with a bit on sense. As I said to my wife - “You can have any aspect, location, soft furnishing, kitchen, garden you like - but I MUST have a man cave.”.

Don’t know the answer but I salute you. 8DD

Well, more vehicle storage/workshop (I do as much of my own maintenance as I can).

Interesting question. Are we talking about a typical, late 20th century semi-d with side access? If so I would be almost certain you would get permission if you had to apply for it, and as far as I can remember from the 2001 Planning Regs it should be exempt development. Would be pretty easy to check out before purchase either way…

The neighbours across the street from me have 1960s semi-ds each attached by their respective garages, a quick scooch of the planning records online shows no applications ever submitted in relation ot their garages.

However if we are talking about a 40s/50s red brick in an ACA, or e.g. a protected structure that had a detached garage (converted to residential at some stage) I wouldn’t be taking anything for granted.

well done that man! I think we should start a campaign to have all garages converted back to their original use.

Garages should contain most of the following : a camper van(I wish), bicycle & garden junk, at least one outdated/little used fad exercise machine, rusting tools and other assoorted man cave paraphenalia.

If it’s used for your daily runner or the missus’ weekly shop hatchback- that’s a crime against humanity. 8)

Erm, more like motorcycle, lawnmower and functioning tools. :slight_smile:

I’d say, a classic car that always needs some fettling, a good solid work bench, his n hers unused bikes and the aforementioned tools.

You’re all forgetting the mandatory chest freezer

I don’t think reconversion would require planning, there are building reg requirements such as a lower floor level in the garage and a 1 hour fire break, if a door has been knocked through and the floor built up with concrete it won’t be just a matter of ripping up the carpet and sticking in an up and over door, as far as the regs are concerned you may need council approval…the councils are sticklers for regulation enforcement :angry: