Garda Horkan - suspicious aftermath


I’m long enough living in this tin pot Banana Free State to know when the establishment are hiding something. As soon as I read the comments from the Garda Commissioner I knew there was media management/propaganda going on
“Nothing to see here…everyone move along”


Another police officer murdered in New Zealand in another seemingly random act of violence.

I wonder has the global wave of anti police rhetoric thats been pushed by the media had anything to do with pushing some borderline mentally people over the edge.


Doesn’t appear to have been random - a ‘vehicle of interest’ was stopped and it seems that two lads have been lifted. They didn’t appear to shout Antifa or BLM slogans but perhaps that has been suppressed by the NZ MSM in concert with the Police.


Jeez, that a bit tenuous. 2 incidents on the opposite side of the world. Not sure how you know the NZ suspect was unstable or irish suspect into anti police media?


Theres reams of anti police rhetoric spamming the leftie web at the minute.

The demands of the leaders of CHAZ Seattle who are now the vanguard have issued the following demands which are being shared widely, including here in Ireland.

Its certainly not beyond the bounds that some weak minded idiots could take it all a bit too seriously…bit like in the case of the anti Irish racist attacks that occurred in the wake of the BLM protests around the country 2 weeks ago

WSM Ireland have been busy sharing the following over the past 24 hours…


Yesterday he was schizophrenic. Today he’s a close associate of a local drug dealer.

Yesterday he was disturbing the peace on the street. It was all happenstance. Today he visited the Garda station earlier to abuse them.

Yesterday he was a mechanic. Today he’s transient. More like a car than a mechanic.

The suspect in the case is a close associate of a local drug dealer who was recently targeted by the gardaí in Castlerea. A number of local people said the suspect appeared to have a somewhat transient lifestyle, having been living in the UK for some time until recently when he settled elsewhere in Co Roscommon. The man has a number of convictions, though not for serious violent crime. However, he had called to Castlerea Garda station on Wednesday and was said to have behaved abusively there


Well they’ve charged him now