Garda Who Rented Out Garden Shed to 3 Adults + Baby Sacked.

The Irish Times

Well what an idiot. A well paid job for life with a gold plated pension and early retirement all pissed down the drain.

Proper order.

But has he been banned from being a landlord?

Very odd. There’s a couple of vacancies in that office now.

There will always be bad eggs in any organisation, but at least these people are being weeded out of the force.

I wonder if he keeps the Rolls Royce pension?

AFAIK, if you get fired you lose the pension.

Proper order.

I personally know one person who suffers from a mental illness but lives in the community, was housed a couple of years ago in this very same shed.
No windows, and the place was used to store timber. There was no heating - but it’s not illegal in this country to not provide heating in rented acccomodation.
The cheapest of 3-bar fires that eats electricity suits most slum landlords, so they don’t have to spend a red cent more than they have to.
The HSE is forced to keep paying rent allowance to slum landlords like this, because unfortunately if they don’t, the tenant will end up sleeping on the street.
There’s very little anyone can do to stop these landlords if the place is ‘habitable’ under current laws - except to try and get them using the Fire Regulations as happened in this case.

In his defence


Yes it is.The Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2008.
This guy broke about 10 of the provisions of these regulations. Also broke Planning, Building Regs and Fire services act from the looks of things.

Also needs to comply with Planning and Building Regs. Laws have also become stricter recently with the introduction of the Disabled Access Cert. and the new requirement that buildings cannot be occupied without a valid DAC or Fire Cert.

Its stunning. Can I admit that I would have absolutely refused to believe this story, if it wasn’t the subject of a report of legal proceedings. Its incredible. I mean, how would you even conceive of the possibility of renting a garden shed as a home?

So he was given two years to get his act together, and he still did nothing, well deserved in my opinion. One less cowboy in the landlord business…

At first sight it does seem a bit harsh for him to lose his job over this, but any Garda who is convicted of a criminal offense ought to be fired, unless there are extraordinary circumstances.

A few years back there was a Property Pin thread that found a shed for rent in Raheny. This one, methinks. €1213 per month.

What shocks me about this story is not that we have a slum landlord, but that a slum landlord was taken to court and punished. I’m gobsmacked that our laws are now being actually enforced in this area.

Sounds like an enterprising lad for a 30 something year old.

It might also be interesting to see if the Garda Credit Union has any exposure in respect of the financing of these properties ?

Maybe he just broke TOO MANY laws for them to look the other way? it did say he had a number of properties, maybe this one was a ‘test case’ if you will?

Long time lurker first time poster.

I actually lived next door to this for a while and saw this ‘shed’ under construction. When I moved out he had half built it but had taken the roof back off. I presumed planning enforcement had got onto him and he was taking it down but he obviously rebuilt as soon as the inspectors were gone. To top it all he actually did the majority of the building work himself.

Interesting to note also it’s only the fire regs that have any bite in this country. planning enforcement was as toothless as ever in this instance I presume.

the guy is in his mid thirties eh?
probably had a bit of carter USM in his ear during his formative years…

Class act.

To be fair, you get what you pay for.