Gardaí investigate 'deleted accounts'

Two articles on the one day about the Garda investigation into Anglo, bread circuses anyone…

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In an electronic information society, the poorly paid programmers are the weakest link :wink:

I believe the professional term is Soden’d.


Probably want a wage increase or theres a demarcation issue with the legals if this was used.
Where would the craic be if you had everything sussed in a month? :angry:

Very true. It would also be very unsporting if they used an accepted, legally tested & well understood method of recovering the data.

Sure if you did that you wouldn’t leave the defence legal eagles a dozen loopholes to exploit !

Remember these are the same officers that fucked up a cast iron case where child porn was discovered on a judges computer, & last time I checked still has failed to put a fellow officer in gaol who admitted to downloading child porn. Oh, and he was actually still in the force for seven years after the original arrest !