Gardai Need 1,000 Gone … 42978.html

Rather than reduce wages people have suggested again to export our problems to Canada and Australia!!!

Or they could just give every Garda a 6.8% pay cut. Just saying.

Yeah it is bizarre but then so much of what goes on in Ireland is … 80060.html

It’s astonishing that the most obvious answer is not on the table.

More people get to keep their jobs

Society benefits by having more gardai on duty - with knock-on benefits to the economy in terms of lowered crime, reduction in costs of doing business etc

Cut the fucking wages and be done with it.

You guys have it all wrong, the Gardai just want a taste of the famous “lifestyle choice” that the younger generation enjoy :wink:

Or they could start taxing, the tax free lump sums, that gardai receive into their bank accounts, when they turn 55 years of age.

I know of a couple private-sector businesses where the wage bill needed to be cut (by more than 6.7%). Management presented the figures to staff and gave them the option - X number of redundancies (with a specified package), or everyone takes a Y% pay cut. In both cases I heard of, the employees chose the pay cut.

This idea that if a ps worker retires you’ve somehow met some idiotic and meaningless target is stupid. You are simply increasing another part of the ps wage bill, ie the pensions in payment - I don’t think government is very joined up here

The career break idea is at least somewhat innovative by government standards but again real savings look a bit dubious if you’re giving someone 30 k to feck off for a few years

The taxpayer cut the Garda wages budget.
So who decided to take his particular option - senior management, minister for justice, some cost benefit anaysis report??

This is a fantastic deal. €30,000, three years off and guaranteed job back? What’s not to like.

Public institutions are not there to serve the public, they exist to serve its members.

I keep wondering when will we reach the point where the gardaí and others on the government payroll start to see this

I mean they live in the same country, they and their family get sick and will have to go to a hospital with less nurses or they will be sending thier children to schools with less teachers

how long will it take before they see that pay cuts as bad as they are, might be the best for everyone

I wont hold my breath

Again the front line workers are wheeled out as the pawn, while the kings and queens sit back sheltered.

Cue the public who are then meant to jump up and down and feel threathened at the prospect of fewer policemen/nurses/doctors/firemen etc etc. An appalling vista, make it stop, make it go away. Here we’ve signed the cheque for you.

Cynical, Cynical, Cynical.

The Garda commissioner might want to read this one …a brokerage in Asia in 2008 got some staff to take a 25% paycut rather than lose jobs. … wxc8942Fvw

Paying guards to sit at home or sit on a beach is absolutely shocking. Who came up with this idea anyway? The commissioner needs to be a leader. If he is not up to it let him move on.

No one is going to “lose” their jobs. The reduction in head count will be done by early retirement, voluntary redundency, paid sabbatical or natural attrition. So there’s no incentive for anyone to agree a pay cut because nobody will be out of a job if they don’t want to be. It is not an either/or scenario.

Pinsters! Do not allow yourselves be blitzherded behind the snooze herdlines!

Assert your assertiveness.

**Shine the light on those who are chummying up to the T.

It coud be done for free if we allow ourselves be kind to each other, not live of but live with becasue we can not do without… each other.

Nothing new about this. The HSE did it about three years ago – three year breaks on 1/3 salary. In fact, those people should be back knocking on the door looking for their jobs back just about now.

Totally agree, something in the region of 300k+ civil/public servants, yet apparently we can’t even afford to pay 13,000 gardai. Probably less than 100k real frontline workers, this is complete bollocks, how many quangos has fg/lab gotten rid of ?

The problem in this country is the state meddling in way too many aera’s using taxpayers money, many really management pet projects and politican/family employment schemes, provide essential services and leave us alone after that…

I smell a rat.

It seems to me they are trying to milk the recession for everything that it is worth.

Can’t wait for THE GRAs opinion on this.

Yes, 3 years ago they offered a 3-year career break payings 1/3 of your salary, capped at 12,500 a year.

Gardai now, if this article is true, will be offered a career break capped at 10,000 a year for 3 years.

Wonder if this will be offered to all public servants…

If 25 million equals 1,000 gardai, that means they are on 25k a year all in including expenses etc. Does this not seem a little low?